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How to convince your boss to work from home – LifeSavvy

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Do you hate your commute, but the idea of ​​finding a new job even more? Do not give up working from home ̵

1; a single conversation with your boss could be anything you need.

Some jobs are up to date with the revolution in remote work. But others are led by people who still believe that workers should be in the office every day. If you can convincingly present the benefits of remote work to your boss, they may only change their minds.

You are not sure how to start the conversation? Try these tips to successfully implement the idea.

Be a great worker.

It may be obvious, but before you plan this meeting, make sure you are in good shape with your business.

As a great worker who has been with the company for a while, your boss should trust you in some ways. But if you've just started or your boss is not satisfied with your performance, give him time and work on improving your work call first. Then you are ready to take up the idea of ​​remote work.


The first step is to come to the prepared conversation. Your supervisors may be against the work from home. But if they tell you their concerns, you can deal with the facts – when you've done your homework.

Many researches support the benefits of working from home. For example, studies suggest that remote workers are generally more productive and no less. They are also more likely to stay at work and be invested in their work. With this knowledge (and backup sources), the conversation becomes much easier.

Talk about the benefits

Concentrate on doing your research and preparing your pitch on how the company benefits from working remotely.

Does the company save on office costs and equipment? Will you be able to take on further projects if you do not engage in commuting? That's what your boss needs to know.

Of course, you benefit from the ability to work in your pajamas and search your own refrigerator. But that's not what your boss cares about. Do not focus on what you have of it. Focus on what the company makes of it. Spin the conversation about how the company will benefit from this agreement, and it's likely to be on everyone's lips.

Prepare for compromises

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If your job does not work If you do not usually offer full-time jobs, your boss is not likely to give you one right away. Although you can set your initial pitch, you should also have a reasonable compromise in your back pocket.

For example, you could offer to work on a day of the week from home, or suggest a trial period of a few days months. If things are going well, your boss should agree that you work more often from home.

Offer Plan

Are certain devices, processes, or credentials required at your workplace? If so, plan how this logistics will work from home.

Giving your boss the ability to verify how remote work works, they're more receptive to the idea. You can even write a one-page proposal outlining this plan along with the benefits of working from home. After speaking with your boss, you can send him the suggestion to help persuade him.

Prove yourself

If you have the opportunity to work from home for just one day, you should take the opportunity to prove yourself. Do more than you would in the office. Document your achievements so that you can show your boss that they have taken the right step.

The good news is that without a long commute and disruptive office, it's usually easier to do more at home. Just make sure you're successful with a quiet workplace and all the equipment you need.

Your boss does not let you work from home at all? In this case, try to use one of your sick days, but work from home that day. Be as productive as you are used to – or more. Come back and prove how much you have achieved. If you have done all this while you were "sick," your boss may be willing to rethink your work from home.

Of course, some jobs do not go with the distance. But many industries today are prepared to work at least temporarily from home. It never hurts to ask (professionally and strategically), so why not try it?

To better prepare for the conversation, read about exposing these common myths about working from home.

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