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How to Create a Great Summer Reading List – LifeSavvy

  Woman relaxing in a hammock reading a book from her summer reading list.
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A book, a beach chair and a nice day. Is there a better place to read than out in the sun? But what should I read? Let's put together a great summer reading list.

I have read a lot; I read almost 90 books last year, so I've gotten pretty good at always having something ready to go next, but it can be a fight. You are so invested in the book or series that you are reading that you really do not care what you will do to your evenings when you turn the last page. That's how I like to find books to read.

Looking for new releases from authors you love

Writing a book can take a long time (just ask George R. R. Martin), and the publishing process is far from fast. It often takes three or four years for an author to write and publish a new book after his last published. It's normal that this book, which you obsessed in 201

5, has stolen your mind.

But while you've been working all your life, this author has tapped his keyboard. The editors have done their work and print the printers. It could be a new book on the shelves this summer.

  ggk author page
Guy Gavriel Kay needs several years to put together a new book.

If there's a book or author you love about a few years ago, check with Google to see if anything new has been published lately. You may be surprised what you have missed if you do not follow the book news. I know that people who were shocked to find one of their favorite authors had published a whole trilogy they had missed.

If you're having trouble finding an author to search, look in your bookshelves (or your Kindle). for inspiration. I'm sure you'll notice something.

Revisiting an Old Favorite Book

And while we're talking about leafing through bookshelves, another great way to find a book to read is to visit a book you've loved before. Even if you remember every action, many books reward re-reading. The second time you record all the subtle predictions, clues, and clues that are impossible to see if you do not know what's going to happen next.

Reading books is one of my greatest pleasures. Some characters are like old friends at this time. When I'm feeling sick, homesick, or lonely, I often grab a Terry Pratchett novel and immerse myself in it for a few days. Problem solved!

  Read the book twice
I actually read Guards! Guards! At least four times …

If you do not need to bother learning a whole new set of characters (or a world, a magical system, or a mythology), it's safest to grab a book you've read before to have . Trust me; You will almost always love the book the second time you read it.

Check the list of critics for sites you like.

There are some critics and authors whose opinion, in my opinion, seems close enough. We do not agree on everything, but our taste is so similar that I almost certainly love it when they rave about a book. So if you recommend a book, I take note of that. Robin Hobb or Patrick Rothfuss, who give a cover blurb, are a sure way to get me on board.

It does not even have to be a specific person. If a website you like touches pop culture and publishes a compilation of books that you liked or are about to release, read them out. If you like what they are writing, there is a good chance that you like the things they read. I keep an eye on The Verge posts on books.

As always, Google is your friend with these things. If you're not sure whether a list of recommendations has been posted on a website, just search for the name of the website and a related term such as Best Books, Book List, or Book Selection.

Check the Bestseller List

Books can still become big cultural topics of conversation. Gone Girl, Girl on a Train, the 50 Shades series, everything from Dan Brown, and many other books are at the top of the bestseller lists for months on end.

While there may only be one or more Two things on the New York Times list at a time that interest you. It is still worthwhile to occasionally look at them to see if something is at the top and fans win. It could be your new favorite book.

Ask someone in a bookstore (or librarian).

  Woman rummaging in the books in an independent bookstore.
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Nobody works in a bookstore for cold, hard money and a chance at fame. They do this because they love books and talk about books (and it's professionally acceptable if they do not serve customers or fill shelves to read). If you stop by your local bookstore and ask the staff for some recommendations, I can assure you that you are leaving the house with a heavy bag. Just tell them what you like and let them do the rest.

Also, bookstore employees are not the only ones who love books. Librarians are also a great source for suggestions. You can even walk out of the building and stuff yourself with books without spending a penny.

Ask a Friend

Not only people who work with books have a strong opinion on what to read next. Your friends probably too. If you have a buddy who likes to read – especially one that has given you good recommendations in the past – hit him and ask what book he's been thrilled lately. Boom! A new book on your reading list.

Select a topic.

One of the most entertaining ways to find new books to read is to pick a topic. Let's say you are going on vacation to New Orleans at the end of the summer. Why not read some books (maybe a fiction and a non-fiction?) That play in or about the city?

It does not even have to be in a place you visit. You can choose any topic you want. A place that interests you, a particular historical event or time, books written only by a particular type of author, or just books published in a particular year. What's great, though, is that adding a little structure makes it easy to find your next book. You can not have New Orleans as a theme and do not read A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.

Books> Netflix. Not with me. Just read a lot this summer. You can even do it outside.

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