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How to create a title row in an Excel spreadsheet

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There are several ways to add a custom title to a table in Microsoft Excel. Titles aren’t just for filenames. You can place a title right over your spreadsheet data to make it easier for viewers to understand.

Add a header in Excel

To add a header title, click the Insert tab in the upper left of the workbook.

On the Excel ribbon, click Paste.

Click the Text menu to the right of the ribbon, then click the Header & Footer option.

You will be zoomed out of the workbook so you can see all of your data on one page. We’ll explain in a moment how to return to normal view.

Click on

Click anywhere in the “Header” section and enter your text.

Entering a table header in Excel

To return to the default view of the workbook, click the Normal Page Layout icon at the bottom of the document.

Click the Normal button in Excel

When you return to the Normal workbook view, you will find that your text does not appear. Excel does not display these headings while you are working in the workbook. However, they will appear once they have been printed. If you’re looking for a title line that always shows up, read on.

Adding an always visible top row

To add a title that is always visible, you can add it to the top line of your table.

First, right click anywhere in cell A1 (the first cell in the top left of your spreadsheet) and choose Paste.

Selecting the A1 cell in Microsoft Excel

Select Entire Row and click OK to add a row of free space.

Click Entire Row, then click OK.

Enter the title for the table anywhere on the new row. The exact cell you choose doesn’t matter as we’ll merge them in just a second.

Enter a header in the A1 cell

Highlight the section of your new line where you want to center your title. In this case we mark from A1 to E1 and center our title on the top line.

Selecting multiple cells in Excel

On the ribbon, click the Home heading, then click Merge & Center. Your text should now be centered on the new line.

In Excel, click

That’s it – you can use these techniques to quickly add headers to your Excel spreadsheets in the future.

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