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How to Create or Delete Mailboxes in Mail on the Mac

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The macOS mail app has the useful feature of user-generated mailboxes that serve as folders to sort your emails. They are easy to create and work with, and you can create as many as you want.

Adding Mailboxes to the Mail App

Open the Mail app from the Applications dock or folders and hover over the edge of the sidebar. There is a small button with a + sign that lets you add a new mailbox.

  Add new Mailbox to macOS Mail

A dialog will appear asking you two things: the name of the mailbox and where it will be stored. The "On My Mac" option only creates a local mailbox that is not visible in your email account, such as the Gmail Dashboard. If you want it to sync with your email provider, change the location to your email account.

  macOS Mail new mailbox

After that you will find a new mailbox in the sidebar that you can fill with emails Drag and drop it from the list into the mailbox.

How to Add Smart Mailboxes

Smart mailboxes help you stay organized without moving your emails into multiple mailboxes. You create them by defining a rule (that is, all the emails of a particular person), and the email app automatically populates them with links to emails that match this rule.

If you want to create an e-mail, move the mouse pointer next to "Smart Mailboxes" in. Click the + button in the sidebar.

 macOS Mail New Smart Mailbox

This opens a dialog box where you can select the rule to follow this Smart Mailbox. There are many options, but the most important ones you will probably use are above, eg. For example, browsing the email body, subject, or sender.

 macOS mailbox settings for intelligent mailboxes

You can add multiple rules and change the conditions for each rule. In general, anything you search for regularly can be turned into a smart mailbox to save you typing.

This mailbox is being moved to its own category, and you do not have to worry about moving items into it. Because smart mailboxes are only searches that do not actually store your emails, you can delete them without worrying about losing your data.

Delete Mailboxes

 macOS Mail [Mailbox löschen]

Mailboxes They can be easily deleted. Just right-click the mailbox in the sidebar and select "Delete Mailbox" from the drop-down list. You will be asked if you are sure that you will not accidentally delete your mailbox.

You can also change the mailbox settings and name in the same drop-down list. If you right-click on a Smart Mailbox, you'll even edit its rules

Note: Deleting a mailbox also deletes all mail stored in it. However, deleting a smart mailbox is fine, as it does not actually contain e-mail.

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