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How to Create Your Own WhatsApp Sticker Packs for Android «Android :: Gadget Hacks

WhatsApp Stickers can make your chat more entertaining. The stickers supplied with WhatsApp are in order, but standard and accessible to everyone. What if you want to show unique stickers that your friends have not seen? To reach the next level, you can create your own WhatsApp stickers.

Whether you're creating stickers for insider jokes or want to create the next meme directly from your phone, you'll have the ability to customize WhatsApp stickers more completely than your Android device. You can use any image, and we'll also show you how to remove the background of photos to get a cool sticker.

Step 1
: Install Personal Stickers

Aside from WhatsApp itself, you will need at least one more app installed to create custom sticker packages. The first is an app called Personal Stickers by developer handyCloset, which lets you turn your own pictures into WhatsApp stickers. To download the app, visit the link below from your phone.

Step 2: Install the Background Eraser (optional)

Second, if you want to customize it To get transparent backgrounds for your images, download Download the Background Eraser app. This app is designed to remove the backgrounds from your pictures and make them more sticker friendly.

For example, if you're taking a photo of a rubber duck and want to make the background transparent, all you can see is the duck Once it's turned into a sticker, the Background Eraser app makes it easy. However, if you do not mind that your sticker is an exact copy of the image (ie a rectangle), or if you want to use images with an already transparent background, you can skip this step WhatsApp Stickers Pack for Android ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

Step 3: Choose 3 pictures to make stickers

You need at least three pictures to create a sticker package. These can be images that you want to edit to make the background transparent, or images that already have a transparent background. Alternatively, you can use any image without transparency, but know that your sticker will be displayed as it is (usually rectangular).

You can search Google for a picture with an already transparent background. If you search for an image and end with the ".png" file type (example: "duck.png"), you'll get PNG results, which typically return images with a transparent background. This kind of pictures is a good sticker because the edges are already cut out for you.

No matter which direction you go, you'll find three images that you want to turn into WhatsApp stickers. I chose the following three pictures.

Step 4: Edit your photo (optional)

You only need to do this step if you want to remove the background from your image. Open the Background Eraser app. Click the "Load Photo" button. Next, you will get to your image files. Choose the location where your desired sticker images are located (in most cases in the "Gallery"), and then choose Camera. Select an image that you want to turn into a sticker.

Once the picture is selected, you can crop it Move the pink arrows to the front and back to focus on your sticker target , For best results, crop as much as you can and then press Done.

Next, you want to delete unwanted background and make the background transparent at the same time. Below is an explanation of each feature. We mainly used "Auto" to remove large parts of the background, and "Magic" to remove the more detailed areas of the image.

  • Extract: Select the areas you want to keep and highlight areas you want to delete. Draw the area you want to keep with the blue "Keep" mark. Then draw the outline of the areas you want to remove with the red "Remove" mark.
  • Auto: Deletes the surrounding area in an intelligent way. This works well if the desired sticker has a background in good contrast to the sticker theme.
  • Magic: Similar to Auto, but removes nothing outside the crosshairs. This is good for zooming in and deleting unwanted backgrounds.
  • Manual: Simply deletes the image section that you touch.
  • Repair: If you make a mistake, you can fix it by repairing it.
  • Zoom: The touch controls let you zoom in and out with two fingers. For more detailed images, you may want to zoom in to make editing more precise.
  • Slider: Each tool has a slider. You can increase or decrease the slider to change the size of the reticle. For Auto, the slider changes the distance threshold.
  • Cursor offset: The offset is added so you can see what you are working on without your finger in the way. The offset causes your edit action to be executed above the position of your finger. You can set the offset to zero or higher at will. It's a bit confusing in the beginning, but after you clean up a few pictures, you get used to it.

When you are satisfied with the result, click the Done button. Here you can select the level "Smooth edge" to reduce rough edges. If your image has many details that have sharp edges, it looks softer. After selecting the optimal smoothing level, click on "Save". When you save a picture, a new copy is created and saved in a new Eraser folder.

If you want to edit more images, repeat this step. Remember that you need at least three images to create a custom WhatsApp sticker package.

(1) Trimming images. (2) Use tools to clear the background. (3) Save the image with transparent background.

Step 5: Create your sticker pack.

Now start the "Stickers" app downloaded in Step 1. You may need to accept some permission requests. Then tap the "Create a new sticker pack" button in the main menu.

A pop-up asks if you want to add the new sticker pack to WhatsApp. Press the "ADD" button. After you've added the stickers to WhatsApp, you'll see a "Already added to WhatsApp" button below the sticker.

On the Sticker Pack Editor page, click the Add Sticker button. Here you will be guided to your pictures. Choose an image to include in your sticker pack. Once you have selected the image, it will be displayed in the sticker app. Here you can resize, move or crop the image by dragging or zooming with your fingers. Click on the "Load" button when you have finished editing. Repeat this step until you have added all the desired stickers.

Note : In your gallery, your edited images are highlighted in black.

By default, the sticker app has three stickers, one green and two with "?" Since the sticker package always requires three stickers, you can not delete the standard stickers without first adding your stickers.

After adding three custom stickers, you can delete the default stickers. Touch the default labels, and then press the clear key. If you want, you can rearrange your stickers. A long press will move the sticker one place to the left. You may want to do this as the first sticker in your package is the index sticker.

Step 6: View Your New Stickers

Now start WhatsApp and select a conversation. Press the label button – the smiley face. Here you should find your new custom sticker package. You will see your first sticker as a sticker index. Now you can post your stickers in WhatsApp in every chat!

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