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How To Cut Single Video Files In Your Freeform Adobe Clip Project »Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

If you've just started a freeform editing project in Adobe Premiere Clip on Android or iPhone, what's next? The first thing you should do is cut off the video clips you've imported into your design, so you can put them perfectly on your timeline and create the best possible video.

Fortunately, Adobe Premier Clip does this Cutting a video is a simple task, and it's the same process, whether you're using the iOS or Android version. Just make sure you've started a freeform project, imported your photos and videos, and rearranged your media in the desired order in the project before reading the following instructions:

Editing a clip in Adobe Premiere Clip

Once If you've set up a project with the clips you want to see in your video, it's time for cropping. Most clips in your project may need to be cut off a bit. There are probably sections that you do not want to see in your final video, such as For example, if your father sneezes before opening the Christmas gift, or if you have dropped the camera before Kimmy has achieved this goal (she will never forgive you for that goal). Start trimming:

  1. Tap to select a clip to crop.
  2. There is a long gray bar below the video player. Either tap the play button above the video to watch the video, or use the white vertical slider in the gray bar to browse the video.
  3. When you find the point in the clip you want to start with, drag the left purple slider to that point. This removes everything from the purple slider. This is your "in" point. If necessary, you can push it back even more ̵
    1; nothing is deleted before.
  4. When you find a point where you want the clip to end, drag the right purple slider to that point. This is your "Out" point.

Once you've set an In and Out mark, you can drag the video player itself with two fingers to move it from your In and Out -Points set parameters to different points in the clip. For example, if you set the first five seconds of the clip as the parameters you set, moving the parameters this way will select every five seconds of the clip. This is useful if you need to cut the clip to a specific length, but you are not sure where to cut it.

Extend and extend points (left) and drag new ones Parameters (right).

You do not have to save the cropping. Premiere Clip stores the entry and exit points that you have set for each individual video or image. Once you save or share the video, your trimming will follow.

Speaking! If you've customized all the clips in your project to your liking, you probably want to save or share your video. Read our full guide on how to do it all.

This article was created during special reporting by Gadget Hacks about smartphone-based video creator tips for filming and editing. Take a look at the entire Videography series.

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