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How to delete apps from your Chromebook

Chromebooks are great because they do not need large hard drives, but in some cases this can be a limitation. Because modern Chromebooks can install a variety of apps from multiple sources, they're quickly full.

You can currently install Android apps from the Google Play Store, Chrome Apps, and Linux applications. So storage can quickly become a problem. And with streaming services like Netflix, you can download your favorite offline viewing movies and shows to face a device that does not have enough space for everything you need.

Fortunately, you can easily uninstall apps. They're no longer used on your Chromebook, no matter where they come from.

How to Uninstall an Android App from Your Chromebook

For most users, Android apps from the Google Play Store are probably the main reason you need to free up disk space for us to get started.

When you use the Chromebook with a trackpad or a mouse, a two-finger click (trackpad), or right-click (mouse) while holding the mouse pointer above the icon of an app, and then click Uninstall.

If you're using a Chrome OS tablet or just using your Chromebook touch screen Tap and hold the app icon, and then tap Uninstall.

How to uninstall a Chrome app from your Chromebook

If your application came from the Chrome Web Store, it's as easy as removing it. And if you're not sure where an app comes from, the process is the same as uninstalling an Android app.

If you use the Chromebook with a trackpad or mouse, click with two fingers (trackpad) or right-click (mouse) while the mouse pointer is over one Click the app's icon and then choose "Remove from Chrome."

If you're using a Chrome OS tablet or simply using your Chromebook's touch screen, tap and hold the app's icon from Chrome.

How to Uninstall a Linux App from Your Chromebook

Linux apps are the new challenge for most Chromebook users, and their uninstallation is a bit more complicated than other types of apps.

Start opening the terminal, then enter the following command (replace app_name with the name of your app) and press Enter:

  sudo apt-get remove  app_name 

T The screen should look something like this:

Note that the displayed application name may not be the same as the one the operating system sees In my case I see "Steam" in the app in my launcher, but the actual name of the application is "Steam Launcher", so I have to tap to remove it.

Press "Y" and then Enter to confirm ss you want to uninstall the application. You will not see confirmation when the app is uninstalled, but you can re-enter the terminal window.

We have one final step: delete the extra bits that the app downloaded when you first ran them. Enter the following command and press Enter to remove these additional parts.

  sudo apt-get purge  app_name 

Press "Y" and press Enter to confirm that you want to remove those now-useless bits and you're done.

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