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How To Disable the "Unlock iPhone to Use Accessories" Notification in iOS 12 «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

If you're on iOS 12 and are on the go for more than an hour without unlocking your iPhone, the message "Share iPhone to use accessories" will appear when you connect your iPhone to a computer or other device that tries to the lightning cable to use data lines. This is intended to protect you, but it can be annoying if you have no reason to believe that law enforcement agencies or criminals will have access to your iPhone.

The feature is an extension of Apple that was originally added in Beta 11.3. Until iOS 11.4, where a 7-day locked iPhone would have to be locked before a computer or other accessory can access its data, it will not be published , This includes trusted devices that would otherwise not require priming, except for the initial trust process when you first connect them for the first time.

Apple added the feature to stop organizations like the FBI and local law enforcement agencies and hackers Using brute force tools like GrayKey and Cellebrite, you can access your data without your permission. If you are not worried about future run-ins by law or a company employee is at risk of being hacked, this additional security in iOS 1

2 is probably just irritating.

If you have not unlocked your iPhone in over an hour, when you connect your iPhone to your computer to charge it, your iPhone vibrates and brings the "Unlock iPhone to use accessories." Although this prevents any efforts to data steal, but also disables the charging functions. You can plug your iPhone into a wall socket and charge it for free, but to connect to a computer, you'll need to unlock your iPhone if it appears with the message before it can be charged.

Obviously, if you connect it really fast and you do not notice the message, you can be left with a dead iPhone when you grab it next. To prevent this, open the settings, touch "Touch ID & Passcode" or "Face ID & Passcode" and enter your passcode. From there, scroll down until you see a switch that displays "USB Accessory" and turns it on.

If this new security feature is disabled in iOS 12, your iPhone will likely need to return to the security settings of iOS 11.4 to unlock data or load the device with a data attachment if it was not unlocked within seven days ,

However you choose this setting, you should know that there are reports of the new protections Apple is still able to be brutally driven by hacking tools. Whether you hired it for an hour or seven days, there is still the possibility that someone can bypass the security of your iPhone and gain access to your information.

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