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How to Disable Twitter's "News For You" Notifications


Twitter usually notifies you about likes, retweets, or mentions. However, sometimes you will be notified about "News for You" and you will be asked to read the latest news on Twitter. To disable these message notifications on your iPhone or Android device.

First, open the Twitter app on your phone. Touch your profile picture, then touch Settings & Privacy.

 Starting Twitter Settings in the iPhone App

Tap "Notifications" in the list of preference categories.

 Opening Twitter notification options in the mobile app

Under "Settings," tap "Push notifications."

 Opening Twitter Push Notification Options on Mobile

Uncheck the "News" slider under "From Twitter."

Here you can also customize the notification types that Twitter shows you. You may also want to disable the Highlights, Moments, and Popular on your network sliders, which may show messages that are being talked about.

 Option to disable Twitter messages for you Push notifications in the iPhone app

That was – on your phone will be no further push notifications for "News for You "more displayed.

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