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How to Download YouTube Videos

There are billions of hours of video on YouTube. Literally. And this is hardly the most amazing statistic about the site which since 2005 is the target for uploading and watching videos. But sometimes, you just want or need just one of them videos on your own computer or phone.

When the topic "Download YouTube videos" is displayed, a side issue needs to be addressed: is it legal?

If it's a copyright, as long as you download If you're using a video for your personal offline use, you're probably fine. If you consider Google's Terms of Service for YouTube this is rather black and white: "You may not download content unless you see a" download "or similar link from YouTube

Finally, watching YouTube videos through unofficial channels takes money out of Google's pocket and the purses of the video creators. There's a reason why YouTube produces pre-roll ads: people live off of it. The video from Video Creators below explains it. it refers to YouTube Red which is now YouTube Premium, but the legal issues remain the same.

Let's be clear: Stealing videos from YouTube is a big no. If you want to share a video YouTube and most other video sites make it easy, from embedding, to emailing, to sharing through social networks. It is usually not necessary to download a video.

However, you have your reasons. If you need to download a YouTube video – absolutely necessary, just for yourself and not for distribution, and not for a total shower nozzle – here's how.

Notice : This story is regularly updated as the tools change regularly. Some of these changes are not always pleasant, eg. B. Software that contains so many extras that it is marked as malware by anti-virus programs. The same is true for the help websites – a change in the network of a website can also cause problems with malware.

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We want to prevent this from becoming a list of programs and websites that can download YouTube videos – because there are far too many of these tools. The software must contain the following:

  • Also supports 4K downloads in the free version.
  • Works with the top 3 video sites: YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.
  • Load entire playlists or channels in one pile (on YouTube), at least with a paid version.
  • Output to MP3 for audio (or accompanying software).
  • A user interface that does not shit.
  • Do not collect your personal details beyond your e-mail address.
  • Contains no malware. If there's even a faint breath in the air, even a PUP is out.

The programs, services and sites in this story all work without spam / virus / problems writing, but reservation. Big time. Especially if you are not really empty.


Third party software is the best way to download online video. Typically, you include the URL for the desired YouTube video in the program and download the highest quality version it can find. 1080p High Definition (HD) video is usually an MP4 file. For all the quality – the so-called 4K and even 8K videos – the file format is usually MKV.

Earlier, YouTube videos were all Flash-based FLV file, but playback is more difficult. MP4, short for MPEG-4 Part 14 multimedia format plays everything and everywhere.

Note that the MKV file, also called Matroska, is a container – the file can contain any number of video codecs inside. The foolproof way to play them all is to use the VLC Media Player for Windows, which plays everything . As far as the downloads are concerned, these are the best options.

4K Video Downloader

Free Basic Features, $ 15 for Lifetime License on 3 Computers ;

 4K Video Downloader

The multilingual 4K Video Downloader (4KVD) is frequently updated and provides clear links for download from the program's website. There is no advertising here. The software does what it advertises in a simple user interface: videos with a quality of up to 4K (actually 8K) and downloads in numerous formats. Just copy a YouTube URL and click the Insert Link button to get started. 4KVD even captures subtitles, entire playlists, and all the videos in a channel you subscribe to. The supported sites tend to be limited to the big names like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and a few others, but that probably covers most of what you need.

In tests I had to change from MP4 format to MKV format Get my test video – the 3:13 minute trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's new movie Glass – downloadable in 4K. 4KVD has captured the 132.6 MB file in about 20 seconds. The default setting is 1080p HD again. So I made the same setting when downloaded an Ultra High Definition (8K) playlist . If you activate the intelligent mode and its presets, the 4K Video Downloader can download the desired format in one click. If you want to download more than 25 videos at one time or subscribe to YouTube channels to immediately download the latest ones, the paid version costs $ 15. The playback of the MKV file in VLC was flawless.

The program itself has the option to extract audio to MP3 format so you do not even need the 4K YouTube to MP3 software You have the original.

WinX YouTube Downloader


 WinX YouTube Downloader

WinX claims to allow for downloads of 300+ sites – including locations for adults. Perhaps the biggest selling point of all is the assertion "There is no malware, adware, spyware or viruses – 100% clean." The new version also has a much improved user interface. However, there are ads – during installation, I was asked to upgrade to its $ 29.95 product called VideoProc, which does everything WinX does for more than 1,000 sites, including high-end 4K / UHD editing videos.

When copying a YouTube URL (also for a playlist), click to launch into the WinX software. You start with the "Analyzer", which checks all options. With Glass, this tool also tried to use the 1920×1080 version in MP4. I have selected the 4K version (3,840 by 2,160 pixels) in WebM format a subset of the MKV format. You can rename a .webm file to a .mkv file, and it works fine. You can set up a number of them before you even click the download button. Downloading the 4K-130.7MB file took a full 44 seconds, twice as much as the 4K Video Downloader.

I could not find any subtitle download options. So that's a strike if you need this feature. However, WinX probably compensates for this by supporting so many download sites.


Free 14-day Trial, then $ 19.99 per Year or $ 29.99 Term ;


Support 1,000 sites, AnyVid also converts videos to other formats or music files and can download entire playlists and retrieve batch downloads at once. It's shareware, so you get limited functionality during the two-week trial (10 downloads per day, five video conversions per day). Even if you buy it, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. There is a Discover mode, which is mainly a browser option that will allow you to quickly get to the supported sites (including adult sites) to search for content.

With AnyVid, you can do more than just insert an inserted URL, but search among the sites that support your search term. However, inserting a URL also works. You get a quick preview, but no options, until you click the Download button. Then you can choose a video format (eg 4K in a WebM or full MKV container) or an audio format (MP3, M4A, WebM or Ogg).

There is also usually a wide range of options to retrieve the video sans audio. Click on the desired format and the file will be added to your library. Click the library icon to see the download. To grab a 132.9MB file from Glass AnyVid took 1 minute and 23 seconds. Clicking the play button next to a downloaded video immediately opened it for me in VLC, and the video was flawless. However, there is no caption capture. To get a playlist, you can also use a URL, but you must click Download to add each video to your AnyVid library.

Gihosoft TubeGet

Free or $ 29.95 for Personal Pro Edition ;

 Gihosoft TubeGet

Gihosoft may have the record for locations supported at 10,000+. However, the free version has its limits: there is no one-click download, not all 10,000 websites are supported, you only get five downloads per day and the download speed is 1 Mbps, regardless of your connection speed. You can only record audio with M4A and not get subtitles. All these restrictions disappear when you pay.

However, you can even get free 4K videos from YouTube without any problems. The 130.7 MB file of Glass lasted over five minutes – no surprise in terms of speed limit, but still painful. There is an option to convert the file to MKV, AVI or WMV when downloading. If you want a playlist, you can create it in a stack, but in my test, TubeGet would only allow a maximum of 1080p HD in the 8K video playlist.


Free or $ 14.99 / year or $ 40 / unlimited ;


YouTubeByClick captures videos from over 50 websites. Before you make the first download, you can set a preferred download format (MP4 video or MP3 audio) and a standard download quality of up to 8K with the "Dial" on the user interface, even with the free version. Downloading an MP4 of this size was a long wait, but that's not surprising – the speed of the free version is limited to 2 Mbps. After seven minutes, I stopped counting and had to leave the room. The paid version has an unlimited download speed. You'll also need Premium to download playlists and channels, do conversions, avoid commercials, and get subtitles.

A special feature of YouTubeByClick is the setup of settings. So, if you copy a URL from YouTube, the program will do that. Note when it's running in the background. You can also enter your credentials for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and some other foreign sites for instant private downloads.

5K Player

Free ;

 5K Player

Completely free, DearMob 5K Player is a utility that is much more than just a downloader, but it has a downloader. The promise to promise no viruses, no ads and no plug-ins is a good start. Unfortunately, this is one of the few downloaders I've tested that requires registration of your name and email. You must do this to get the full download feature on more than 300 sites . You can still use it as a media player if you do not register. I also could not and did not download 4K videos from YouTube.

While downloading, the program tries to hide some options. Paste the URL for a YouTube video. The analysis engine is running and shows only a few download options. Click the gear icon, and then click the Show All button. You'll see more information, including the ability to get a 4K 3.840 x 2.160-pixel WebM file. The 130.7 MB file took about a minute. It was also possible to grab playlists, but you only need to set up one video at a time. The confusing interface makes it hard to get back to the other videos in the playlist.

The 5K player also provides DLNA server playback, so videos you take with you can be viewed on any device in your home that supports DLNA. It supports AirPlay for fast playback on supported devices. Select a video in the library and you can quickly convert it to MP4, MP3 or even ACC (an audio format preferred by iOS devices). The player could not play the excessively large 4K file and had buffering issues. VLC had no problems with the same file. Finally, there is a 5K player, which is much to like from the price to the features, especially if you consider it as extras in a downloader. But you could look elsewhere for the interface and playback issues.

Helper Websites

Would you prefer to avoid installing software? Helper video download sites do the download for you. They offer conversion and then a download link. You do not have to install anything on your PC. Depending on the size and quality of the video, it can take much longer – a typical two-minute movie trailer with 1080p can be about 30 MB – but the convenience is unbeatable.

There are hundreds of these types of websites – it seems that everyone with a certain coding ability has set up one. Such websites can easily become useful from suspicious, especially if they become popular. If your browser (or instinct) issues alerts, avoid the next steps.

Some of these sites make it easy to pull a video by easily changing the URL of a VID on YouTube, so the service does. About. Below are some of them.

NOTE : Note the ad traps on some help pages – some ads look like they need to be the download button to get the content you want, but they're not. Depending on the ad network used on the website, your own virus detection software may also trigger some alerts. The more web site developers rely on ads they do not control, or they try to get you to "pay" something in your system, the worse we are all.

Here are some help pages. Everybody does a basic thing: you give them a YouTube URL (or another video site, if supported), they analyze it, you choose what download size you want, and you provide a link to that download. All are free, unless otherwise stated, and work on all platforms.



Despite some problems, TubeNinja has an easy-to-use website that has nothing to offer. It supports a large number of sites (including so many adult sites), multiple languages, and has the ability to add features through a browser bookmarklet.

  • Add "dl" to a URL ("" dlyoutube.com ") before naming a site for fast downloads.



This is a" pan "and no "tube" for this name, but YouTubNow still works with YouTube and offers up to a 1080p MP4 download as well as many audio options.There are no ads and the downloads are unlimited.The Insert field is also a YouTube Finder .

  • Modify a YouTube.com URL in youtubnow.com (no "e") and press Enter to see immediate options.


One of the few help pages that 4K YoutubeMonkey provides a very simple interface – there's just the form for inserting the URL and a download link – over a very ugly list of popular videos downloaded with the service.

  • Add "Monkey" "To the URL to "YouTube" – literally "youtubemonkey.com" – for instant download. SaveFromNet ” border=”0″ class=”” src=”https://assets.pcmag.com/media/images/603382-savefromnet.png?thumb=y&width=740&height=602″/>

    SaveFrom.net has made a name for itself over the last few years. It can perform web-based downloads, but also offers software to install and a browser extension. 4k is not supported, but only a few help pages – going beyond 1080p or using the WebM format is an option, but not with audio. You also can not use SaveFrom.net to create MP3. Of course, these options are in the downloadable software.

    • Add "ss" before "youtube.com" ("www.ssyoutube.com") for immediate download.



    FetchTube's minimalistic interface is probably worth considering. Paste the URL and you can load some options to see what you can see – even with a 4K video, the download is a maximum of a 720p MP4. Or click "Listen" to get just one MP3 file.

    • Paste the word "magic" between the you and the tube ("www.youmagictube.com") into a URL for instant FetchTube options.



    VidPaw is a newcomer to the scene and offers the usual features, but on a relatively spartan, clean user interface. However, it does show how YouTube might someday hit these things when I saw that the tutorial video hosted by YouTube on VidPaw was "no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video was terminated." At the moment, however, the site works – with more than 1,000 other sites. It does not offer combined video / audio downloads that are larger than 720p MP4s. If you want, you can also get the video as a 2160p WebM format.

    • Add "paw" at the bottom of "youtube" in a URL ("www.youtubepaw.com") to get VidPaw up and running right away.


    A browser extension can save you a step. However, when you download videos from YouTube, you will have some issues, especially if you use Chrome as your primary browser.

     Video Downloader professional

    The Chrome Web Store, where you receive Chrome browser extensions, is controlled by YouTube owner Alphabet / Google. Even an extension that seems to be obvious for this purpose – as the aforementioned Video Downloader Professional – states in its description right up front: "The download of YouTube videos to the hard drive is blocked due to limitations of the Chrome Store." (For downloads outside the Web Store, downloads for YouTube are disabled.) In general, Chrome extensions do not allow you to download RTMP (Protected Videos) log or streaming video.

    This is the case with other extensions like vGet. Of course you can also use it on other websites with video. Just not YouTube.

    Do you want to work around it? Get an extension that is not from the Google Web Store. Some of the programs and help pages listed above have an enhancement component that describes how to perform the extension installation without the support that Chrome users typically receive from the Chrome Web Store.

    Other browser extensions can do this if you do not. Get them from Google.


    Free ; Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Chromium-based browsers


    This download tool is available on all platforms and includes a Chrome installer that skips the Chrome Web Store. Each YouTube page you load will have a "Download Video" menu displaying all the formatting options.

    Video DownloadHelper

    Free ; Firefox, Chrome

     Video DownloadHelper

    Not to be confused with the unrelated "Pro" above, Video DownloadHelper supports a large number of websites – even for adults. You know that a video can be downloaded if the expansion icon is animated when you are on the web page. Since the last update, Video DownloadHelper for Chrome has stopped working with YouTube – so it could potentially be placed in the Chrome Web Store. You can still download with Firefox. The developer has a Kiva Initiative page, which prefers to donate money to those in need, which has raised over $ 125,000.

    Threelly SmartView

    Free or $ 33 / year up to $ 133 per year company ; Chrome


    This is a Chrome extension that actually works from the Web Store. Since you will not be able to download YouTube videos with it, only timestamps that you can share (and even YouTube-only) will be displayed. First, create an account and log in. The extension icon will turn green on a YouTube page. Click on it to create the desired times. These are then saved and can be shared easily. The viewer returns to YouTube and sees what you specify. It's not very obvious to save a video for offline use, but it may be useful in some circumstances.


    Remember the problem of using Chrome extensions from the Google Web Store? You'll have an even bigger problem if you want to download from YouTube's Google Play Store with an Android app where Google has a firmer grip. (You can not download anything with your officially approved YouTube apps unless you live in India.)


    That is, with Android you can install apps without to go through Google. The latest is InsTube – Free video and music downloader for Android only – you can only get it on the InsTube website. You download the APK file (Android application package) to load on an Android device. Find it in the downloads of your device and click on it to install it. (You may need to go to your security settings and enable "Unknown sources."). There are similar side-load apps from WonTube and YTD.

    On iPhones and iPads, you would think that there would be no such limitation, as Apple and Google are not exactly the best friends. For the few apps I've tried in the first installment of this story, not only are they downloaded from YouTube, they're also no longer available. One of these apps said in their description: "Downloading YouTube is prohibited by its terms of service." Apple ensures that app manufacturers comply with the rules – even the rules of Google. All the better if Google blocks someone who may be doing something illegal with iTunes downloads, probably.

    Chances are that an iOS app that can download YouTube videos will be "pinned" or suspended. The only real option is to jailbreak your iPhone and use laterally loaded apps that download what you want.

    There are workarounds. One uses a free iOS file manager app such as Documents by Readdle. You can use your Safari browser to view a YouTube video and the share option to find the copy link. Then go back to Documents and use the app's built-in browser to navigate to a help page for downloading videos like SaveFrom.net. Paste the link into the form (hold your finger on it until the Insert menu appears). The site contains links to download, and you can save the file in Documents. Hold down the file and drag it up until you're back in the main screen and drag it to the Photos folder. You must give Documents permission to access the first time you access photos. You can then access the video like a video recorded on a phone or tablet – in the photo app.


    Another workaround: Go back to the desktop and try AnyTrans ($ 39.99 for.) A single computer), a file manager for iOS devices with a built-in Downloader 900 Websites supported, including YouTube and Facebook. The videos are transferred to the iPhone for you via the USB cable. Even if you do not pay for AnyTrans, the download option remains and is forever free.

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