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How to draw and edit a freeform shape in Microsoft PowerPoint

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Using PowerPoint, you can fully customize shapes by merging shapes, changing the curvature of a shape's lines, and even drawing your own shapes. If you want to do the latter, follow these steps.

Drawing a shape in PowerPoint

If you can not find the shape you are looking for, you can draw your own. Go to the "Insert" tab and click on the "Forms" button.

  Shapes in the group

A drop-down menu appears. Go to the "Lines" section and look for the last two options. These options are the freeform (left) and doodle (right) tools.

  Freeform and scribble in shapes

Freeform: shape

If you select the Freeform option, you can draw a shape with straight and curved lines. To draw a straight line, click a point on the slide where you want to start the line, move the cursor to the end point, and click again.

  Straight Line Gifs

To draw a curved line, click and drag.

  Free-form lines and curves GIF

Freeform: Scribble

This option is ideal if you want something to look as if it were handwritten. Similar to drawing curved lines with the Free Form option.

To draw a freeform drawing, click and drag the cursor.

 Handwriting style GIF


Editing a Free Form

Now let's say you drew a shape, but it's not exactly what you want it to be. Instead of redrawing the shape, you can easily edit it.

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First, you must select your shape.


On the Format tab of the shape, go to the Insert Shapes group and click the Edit Shape button. In the menu that appears, choose Edit Points.

 Edit Points of a Free Form

Now you can change the position of the points of the shape or the curvature of their lines by clicking and dragging the black and white edit points.

 Edit freeform in PowerPoint GIF

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