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How To Easily Change Your Play Store Country To Download Region-Specific Apps And Games «Android :: Gadget Hacks

What you see when opening the Play Store depends entirely on your locales. Search results and top charts are specific to each region, and there are many popular apps and games that just do not show up, unless your play store country matches.

Until recently, it was frustrating to change these settings. As someone who has had to switch back and forth between the US and Europe, I can confirm that. Luckily, the process is much easier today because the Play Store has been updated to include country and profile options that will appear as your IP address changes.

There are a few limitations, however, as Google may change the number of times you can change country once a year and technically you must visit another country to trigger a change in IP address. That's fine if you've actually moved abroad, but if you're still at home, you'll need to do some creative tricks to get around those limitations. First, by changing the IP address of your phone with a VPN service

Before you begin

If you are already in the country you want to set as a Play Store location, you're in luck! You can skip all the way to step 3. Otherwise, you will need to download a VPN application. There are hundreds of great options for Android, but I chose the VPN Melon app, which can be downloaded for free from the following link.

Step 2: Change the IP of your phone with your VPN app

Open your preferred VPN application. In my case, the melon is VPN. As you can see in the picture below, Melon VPN is easy to handle as it opens with a list of servers named after country name and corresponding flag.

Select the country you want to set as the new game Save the location, and after you connect, you can continue.

Step 3: Change Play Store Country

When you open the Play Store application, you can see if your country settings have already changed by locating a region-specific app. or by checking the price of a paid application. When the app is displayed or you are now seeing prices in a foreign currency, that's it! Their change of country was successful.

However, if no changes have been made, you may need to update the data manually. To do this, swipe in from the left edge of the screen, tap Account, and select Country and Profiles. You should now see both your default country and the new country you either switched to or selected through your VPN service. Tap it and you'll be prompted to enter a local payment to confirm the change.

If you do not provide a new payment method You can work around this limitation by following these steps:

Payment Information Workaround: Adding a New Account

You will only be prompted to provide a local payment method for your selected country if your account is an existing one Payment profile has been set up. You can do this by either creating a new Google Account or adding an additional account that does not have a payment method.

If you added the account, swipe from the left of the screen in the Play Store app and select the new account from the drop-down menu at the top. Repeat steps 1 and 2 of this guide. When you restart Play Store, you should notice that the country has now been changed.

There's an added benefit to using multiple accounts because you can keep any account on your device and switch between different Play Store countries. Google needs to change the country settings of the main account.

On my own device, for example, I have an account for the Irish store, one for the store in the US and a third for the Store UK store. Switching between them is easy, and once an app has been downloaded, it can be used by any account regardless of its country settings.

Cover picture and screenshots of Samuel Smith / Gadget Hacks

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