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How To Enable ARCore on Any Android Phone «Android :: Gadget Hacks

When it comes to augmented reality (AR) on Android, you may be wondering how to get these cool new games and apps on your unsupported phone. Google has an officially supported device list for its ARCore platform, which typically consists of more modern devices. You will not find many older devices on the list for some reason, but that does not mean that your "old" phone can no longer use ARCore.

The main reason why older phones are not supported The ARCore platform is limited in most cases to pure hardware performance. AR is extremely demanding and can push any phone to its limits, which means it needs a lot of resources to run smoothly. Your AR experience may not be the same if you are using an older unsupported device. Take note of this if you follow these instructions.

The Magisk module used by developer MarcAnt01

is called "ARCore / Playground Patcher". With this pretty little mod, your older, unsupported phone can use the ARCore platform as if you were running an official device. This means that you can download and install all AR apps directly from the Play Store. Complete the following steps to get started with your AR experience right away.


Step 1: Install the ARCore / Playground Patcher Module

Open the Magisk Manager app and tap the Menu button on the left. then go to "Downloads". First, tap the search icon and enter "arcore" to find the module you want to use for the tutorial. Continue and tap the download arrow. Then click on the "Install" option. Let Magisk Manager access your media when prompted by tapping "Allow". Afterwards the download and the installation are started.

The installation process is done in no time. When finished, tap "Click the Restart button at the bottom to reboot the phone and activate the module.

Step 2: Download the ARCore Platform.

Once If your phone has returned from the reboot, you'll need to download the ARCore platform yourself from the game so you can access all the AR goodies you did not use before. "The cool thing about this Magisk module is that you Now you can install and update any ARCore app directly from the Play Store as if you had an officially certified device – no workarounds are required!

Step 3: Download Download the Google Camera App (optional)

If you want to use the AR sticker with the Google Camera app, you will need to download a patched version for your device to use the "Playg to get round "function. Otherwise, you may skip this if you do not intend to interfere with the features of the AR Camera in Google Camera. We've written a separate article to help you install the Google Camera app. Read the following article.

Image about XDA Developer

Once you have it When the app is installed, it's a breeze to use the AR features. In short, just download the Playground app from the page, then open Google Camera, swipe to "More" and choose "Playground" to get started. If you need more help with this section, we have a special guide to guide you through this section:

Step 4: Try other AR apps and games.

Now your phone is ready to accept all kinds of AR Apps and games Thanks to the added ARCore support, you can search the Play Store to find something worth checking out. It's important to note that the AR platform is still in its infancy for smartphones, but is expected to evolve soon. In this sense, I will highlight three interesting apps that will help you get started.

AR Ruler App

One of the most basic ways to use AR in your life is to measure things in the real world. Especially useful without having a physical tape measure on hand. Whether you're trying to decide which brand new sofa will fit in your living room, or whether you're working in the workplace, it should be useful for a variety of real-life situations without the need for additional tools.


With millions of different 3D models you can create objects, animals, creatures and buildings in Insert your life space in real time with AR. You can search for anything you want, and even follow the developers of the 3D models to stay up-to-date on all their work. A very cool app for creating unique and exciting experiences that will surely be a conversation starter.

In addition to taking measurements and viewing 3D models, drawing objects in the real world is also fun. This app is actually an AR experience offered by Google's own creative lab team. In this way they want to introduce new ideas and concepts. You can create simple graphics in the real world wherever you like, take a short video and then share it with the world.

] These are just three apps that I thought were an excellent start to the mess with AR on your phone, but there is so much more to discover than this. If you simply search for "arcore" in the Google Play Store, you can choose from a variety of apps and games. Have fun with your new AR-enabled phone!

Last Note

As with most Magisk modules that change your phone's build.prop internal file, there's a small thing that you need to keep in mind know if you use this mod. Your security patches in the "Phone information" section do not match. This needs to be changed for SafetyNet reasons, so you do not have to worry. Your original version remains untouched, only the label for the security patch has been changed.

Cover Picture and Screenshots by Stephen Perkins / Gadget Hacks

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