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How to enlarge a Mac

While most browsers offer zooming capabilities, it's often easier to use the native zoom feature on your operating system that is compatible with all features, regardless of what you're running. Mac computers have this feature, and we'll show you how to scale, customize, and control a Mac.

Zoom shortcuts

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When zoom is already turned on If this feature is enabled on your computer and you're ready, you'll find key shortcuts here (if shortcuts and zoom are not activated, go to the Zoom Control Panel section for more information). With a little practice, you can turn on and off zooming while you work on your Mac.

Option Command-8 : Turns on or off the zoom function. Of course you want to activate it, but it's a handy way to check if you're not sure.

Option Command Plus (+) : The Equal Sign version lets you zoom in on your Mac. Use this input to configure.

Option Command Minus (-) : Reduce this feature when you are done or want to navigate faster.

Follow Keyboard Focus : While This option does not have a predefined keyboard shortcut. You can assign one if you want. If you've never used keyboard focus before, it basically shows which item is being highlighted on the keyboard (see here for accessibility information).

NOTE: It is important to find an updated version of the keyboard zoom commands because they are known to change occasionally. This list works with Mac Catalina, the latest operating system, and we will try to keep it up to date should any other change occur.

Open the Zoom panel to customize Visit the Zoom panel on your Mac to make sure all your settings are correct, even if you can handle the keyboard shortcuts. These controls let you tweak or add features and generally improve functionality to meet your needs. You can also fix problems that are not working. To access it:

Step 1

: Open the system settings in your dock or by clicking on the Apple menu and then click ] System Preferences . From there select Accessibility .

Step 2 : The Accessibility window displays a list of the preference fields on the left side from which you can select. Search for the area Zoom and select it.

Step 3 : The window now displays several zooming features that you can enable or disable by enabling them. Enable Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom and any other options that you find useful.  Enlarge a Mac Menu

Step 4 : Pay close attention to the Zoom Style drop-down menu. Here you can select either Full Screen, Split Screen or Picture-in-Picture Zoom . Especially for large screens, picture-in-picture may have more benefits for navigation. However, you can switch between the three screens to see what you like best. The buttons Advanced and on the right offer you more options for clicking and trying out. These are all good things that you can customize as needed.

Enlarging the touch bar

  Enlarging the touch bar

Newer Macs have the OLED touch bar with illuminated icons that change depending on the software you are using. It's a hit or miss addition, but it's handy for accessibility. To zoom in on the touch bar.

Step 1 : Visit the Settings Pane Zoom as described in the previous section. If your Mac computer has a touch bar, you should see a new check box for Enable touch bar zoom . Make sure it is selected.

Step 2 : Touch and hold a finger on your touch bar until the enlarged version of the touch bar appears on your screen for easier control. If the icons are still not large enough, press the Command key and "pinch" and expand the touch bar on the screen with your thumb and finger. This should make the touch bar bigger.

Step 3 While swiping the touch bar with one finger, quickly tap it with a second finger. This will synthesize a tap where your first finger is. If you hold down your second finger and drag both digits, you can synthesize a jog and drag based on the position of your first finger.

Step 4 : If you tap and hold a finger on the touch bar, you can enable direct touch mode, which allows you to interact directly with the Touch Bar element under your finger.

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