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How to Enter Siri Without Changing a Setting in iOS 13 «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

One of my favorite hacks for iOS is Type to Siri. This allows you to submit your requests to the iPhone's digital assistant without having to use your voice. Unfortunately, "Tap Siri" replaces the typical Siri voice prompt on the Home or Side button, so you'll have to choose between one or the other. That is, until iOS 13.

The latest update from Apple includes a new way of typing in Siri that does not enable "input to Siri" at all. Of course, this option still exists if you prefer, as you will see that this trick is not quite the same. It may be worth the new option for iOS 13, so you can continue talking to Siri by holding down the Home or Page key.

How does this new way of typing in Siri work? Go to the home screen of your iPhone and swipe down the screen to display the search bar. You can also access this search bar from the Today view by swiping to the left on the Home screen or in the Notification Center. Now type in your question and tap Ask Siri (you may need to scroll down to find this option.)

Once you tap, your question will be answered as if you had asked Siri with your voice. Although it is slightly less convenient than the Enter to Siris keyboard shortcut, it does allow you to clear entries without having to change settings on your device.

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