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How to Export Your Dashlane Data

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Dashlane is one of the most popular password managers currently available, but it's also one of the most expensive. And with the introduction of version 6, the company has increased the price of a premium subscription by 50 percent: it now costs $ 60 a year.

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When You Think It's time to switch to a more affordable password manager. You're in luck: it's not particularly complicated to take the step. Dashlane stores all your data in a simple, encrypted database; You simply have to export this data and then import it into your new password program.

First you need the desktop software Dashlane – your database can not be exported from the mobile or web apps. If you already have Dashlane on your PC or Mac, you're done. If not, you'll need to download, install, run, and sign in to your Dashlane account. Then wait until all your passwords are fully synchronized.

To do this: Click File> Export and then select one of the two options "Unsecured Archive": Excel or CSV. I recommend the latter, as it is more likely to be supported by other password managers. In both cases, you will probably need to provide your Dashlane master password to perform the export.

  Dashlane Export Passwords

It's easy to export your data from Dashlane.

Screenshot by Rick Broida / CNET

After that you have a completely unprotected file with all passwords. Needless to say, you should delete this file as soon as you have imported it into the new Password Manager.

If you talk about it, allow me to share an example of the import process. In LastPass (my choice for top free password manager ) you can use the web portal: Click More Options> Advanced> Import . You will then be instructed to open your Dashlane CSV file in Notepad, to copy all the text and then paste it into the Import Tool.

Prepare to clean up after finishing. I had dozens of passwords identified as "secure notes" and each had to be manually opened and then converted to "sites". In the meantime, none of the payment methods that I have added to Dashlane have made the transfer to LastPass. Of course, their mileage may vary, but any export / import of a diverse database will certainly lead to some glitches.

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