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How To Find And Use Yelp Deals On Your Phone To Save Money When You Go Dining, Shopping, And Much More Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Newer or older companies looking for more traffic and sales often offer tempting deals, to attract customers. At Yelp, every business has the opportunity to offer users a deal that is essentially a Groupon-style coupon. But how do you find these offers in the Yelp app for Android or iOS?

Before we answer that, let's go back to Yelp Deals. While there are occasional "check-in offers" in the business listings, we're not talking about them here. Yelp deals and gift certificates are deals that you pay in advance to save money. For example, spend $ 25 to get $ 35 at a restaurant.

After purchasing a Yelp deal, the coupon will be sent to you via email, which you can redeem later at the site. You can also access your Yelp Deals and gift certificates through the Yelp app on your iPhone or Android phone. This information can be found in the section "Deals & Offers" for your account.

Typically, yelp deals can save you about $ 1

0 $ 25, which is great if you know you'll spend at least the total amount of the deal. (Unused items will not be returned or credited.) The Best of Yelp: It makes it easy for you to find these deals if you're looking for places to eat or bars that tip you can.

Method 1: Search Your Listings Location

As you can see from the "Method" heading here, there are several ways to find Yelp listings. This first one only shows you Yelp Deals near your current location and is for some reason only for iOS and not for Android.

On your iPhone, open the "More" tab in the Yelp app and select "Offers & Offers." The "Current Offers" tab will show you all nearby businesses that offer Yelp offerings and a short one Overview of deals on the deal. Tap the location and then the deal under the card, which will give you more information about requirements, requirements, and purchase.

Method 2: Search Your Quotes Anywhere You Want

The next method is as simple as the one above, and applies to both iOS and Android. Under Android, select the "Nearby" tab and on iOS the "Search" tab. Then tap More in the category list and choose Deals. You will immediately see a list of all stores offering deals at your location. You can tap Current Location in the search bar to change the location to any city.

Alternatively, in Android, you can also click the "Near" or "Search" tabs as the "Search" tab on iOS, and set the location to the desired value. Next, enter "Deals" and then tap on the "Deals" result. You get the same results as browsing the category list.

Method 3: Search Using the Deal Filter

The last method you can search for is a company from the Nearby or Search tabs You can enter the topic yourself or You can also search for nothing and leave the search bar blank, in both cases after the search tap the "Filter" icon (two sliders), or click "All Filters" at the bottom of the quick filter buttons if this is the case (not always).

On the Filters page, select the "Offering a Deal" option and then "Search." On the page, select a new list of See companies that have all the deals you can buy.

View and Use Yelp Promotions

Now that you know how to find all deals, touch a business to learn more the card on the deal mi t the price tag icon. If for some reason you do not see the deal, even though it was listed in the search results, this is a common mistake in the Yelp app. In these cases, do a search for the exact business instead, and when you open the listing, you should see it.

In the examples below, it says "$ 45 for $ 50 deal," which is a 10% discount. This page also displays more details, such as: For example, what you receive, total savings, how many vouchers you can use at the same time, restrictions, and the fine print used to actually use the deal. No matter what, all Yelp Deals must be used within a year of purchase. After one year, you can redeem the coupon only for the amount you paid, not for the amount the coupon applies to.

If you want to buy the deal, tap "Buy Now", select a payment option and click "Buy Now." You will receive an email with your voucher once the transaction is complete. You can also view your coupon in the Yelp app. On an iPhone, select the More tab, then Offers & Offers, and then the My Offers tab. Your voucher should be displayed there. On Android, tap the "Me" tab and select "My offers and offers."

Once you receive your redemption code, you can use your voucher for business. You can print it or just use your Yelp app. A Yelp deal can only be purchased from Yelp. So do not buy potential "deals" from third party websites. Yelp offers are currently available in the US and Canada only.

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