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How to Find Online Writing Jobs as a Copywriter

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If you are looking for a simple business model / sideline, consider becoming a copywriter and taking on online writing jobs. This is an extremely easy way to make money that almost anyone can try and that is highly adaptive to their lifestyle.

You could have your first payment in your account by this evening!

That's what I should know: I've been working as a copywriter for 10 years, with no sign of slowing down!

It's also one of the simplest online jobs. So read on if you want to learn the craft and start finding online writing jobs right away. You could have your first payment tonight in your account!

 Online Copywriter

What Does an Online Copywriter Do?

Composing texts generally refers to writing for business or promotional purposes. Traditionally this means that you do not write fiction or journalism, but homepage content, ad content, sales scripts, press releases and other promotional copies.

In the digital age, the term "copywriter" "However, is used a little wider and now often includes blog content with. The reason for this is that many websites also use blog content to sell products and promote their brand through "content marketing". The writing here is often journalistic, but is still used for sales and marketing, so the role of the journalist and so on the copywriter have something together.

When you market for Content Writer jobs, you are hired to write more blog posts and articles. If you market yourself as a copywriter, you will receive more requests for writing emails, sales pages, website content, and the like. In other words, you will likely receive a combination of these two types of online writing jobs, regardless of how you list them, unless you explicitly state that you only accept certain types of work.

Your job is to find and deliver customers You will receive a copy that matches their goals (sales, engagement, persuasion). Often this means working as a ghostwriter, which means that nowhere is anything credited to you. They often have to meet the deadlines and are usually paid per word.

 Online Writing Jobs

How Much Does an Online Copywriter Make? This can range from $ 1 to $ 100 per 100 words, depending on the type of work you do (and we'll look at a few ways to charge more later).

Why writing jobs from home is easy to come by

What the Web has also done for writing texts is to make it as important as never before. It's easy to find online writing jobs just because the Web depends so much on "content".

It's easy to find online writing jobs just because the web depends so much on content.

The Way People Find Websites Nowadays, Google searches. There is a good chance that you typed the term "online writing jobs" that took you to this website. That depends on the content. Otherwise, you might be here because you regularly read Android Authority (thanks!). But again, it's probably because you like our content! This is how most brands today turn to their audiences.

 Jobs as Online Copywriter

When a company tries to sell you a service or product, it does so in a similar manner, it will also use some form of "sales page" to help you " Buy "click. What does this sales page consist of? Copy!

Other online marketing techniques include writing press releases (to help them appear in press releases), posting ads on other websites, and sending e-mail. Many sites give away e-books or "reports" to encourage people to sign up for their mailing list (other sites sell).

All of these strategies involve written content in one form or another. Because of this, you will find it hard to find free online writing jobs as long as you are sure you can take on these tasks.

The Life of an Online Copywriter

Writing Online So Jobs A Great Way To Make Money?

Benefits of Texting Jobs

In terms of stability and easy job search, the answer is a definite yes. I've only posted three ads in my life and received enough online writing jobs to compete financially over the last 10 years. I started already during my studies and found that it was a perfect sideline besides my studies. Today, I use it to fill in the gaps while looking for more interesting work and to finance my own projects.

My wife is a mother who stays at home, and also benefits from the ability to hire the occasional appearance of it.

 Online Freelance Jobs

This kind of work appeals to me. I've always enjoyed writing (I've worked for a magazine called Writing Magazine ) and I'm highly motivated. I like getting a set task and timeframe to do it, then relying on my own devices. Unlike web design or programming, there is relatively little back-and-forth with clients (which causes "communication overhead"). That gives me more time for the real work.

There is relatively little back-and-forth with customers.

I often work in coffee shops, where I consider the lack of distractions and the constant intake of caffeine to be beneficial to productivity. I'll put on a couple of headphones, get lost in writing, and show up a few hours later. Sometimes it is almost meditative.

I also like that my clients typically pay each time they get a stack of work. This means that I get paid almost daily, which in turn creates many interesting budgeting opportunities.

If you like these things, you may be well suited for this type of freelance online work. [19659014] Negatives of Copy Orders

However, there are some significant disadvantages and challenges.

One of these is that the pay per word can be quite low at the beginning. Since this is a work that anyone can (theoretically) do, it means you are competing with people from all over the world. Many of these authors are able to charge significantly lower rates due to lower cost of living, which lowers the cost of other authors.

 Find Online Writing Jobs

Here are mitigating factors: The market you advertise plays a role (more on that), as well as the nature of the work and the nature of the job Customer. If you can prove your expertise with a strong portfolio, you may be able to turn to a high caliber client who offers you higher compensation for more demanding work.

Otherwise, you can try to compete with less qualified customers. paid writers by learning to write quickly and in large volumes. It's exhausting, but it worked well for me!

If you also strive to meet deadlines, writing lyrics is probably not the thing for you. Writing large volumes of content on boring topics, sometimes with mere customer instructions, can be nerve-wracking. If you are prone to delays, this can be a real problem.

After all, difficult customers are an unfortunate reality. 90 percent of the people you work with are carefree and sensible, but the remaining 10 percent want one revision after another, calling for lengthy Skype calls, and generally making your life a miserable one. Learning to recognize the good and bad customers is therefore an indispensable ability to learn early.

What skills and qualifications do you need?

Still here? Great! Then you may wonder what skills and abilities you need to get online writing jobs.

 Man typing laptop encoding

The good news is that you do not need anything. I helped friends with zero background as authors to find work. A well-written ad can really do a lot in that regard. But a few things can certainly help.

First, you have to be a good writer. While there are some professionals who are able to do a good job of bad pidgin English, you will, of course, move much faster and further, if you actually have literary talent. You do not have to be Shakespeare, but it is very important to be able to write clearly and precisely.

The good news is that writing texts can be learned. There are a few good courses at Udemy that you can start with:

It's also very useful to learn something about SEO. SEO is search engine optimization and simply means to optimize websites so that they are visible in search engines like Google. Good SEO writing requires the subtle use of keywords, and many online writing jobs require a basic understanding of the topic.

As the majority of users find the content they read online, many customers want you to understand it, at least the basics.

You can also be more attractive by including images in your writing (you can do so by using a photo website such as Envato Elements or learning photography).

 Freelance Laptop Type

Or you could learn web design or SEO and then sell these skills as a package. For example, you could create a website and offer to add the content as well. Or you provide an SEO service and include SEO articles as part of this work.

Another strategy is to become a specialized technical writer working in a particular niche. For example, you could become a health writer, an economist, or a technology author. I have had great success writing about self-improvement, health, fitness and programming, and I have relevant achievements and qualifications behind me to stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps the most important thing is to build the portfolio. So, send some articles to high-profile sites, think about opening your own blog, or perhaps try to publish a technical book.

How to find work and start earning

If you have the skills and are still interested Then you can immediately search for online writing jobs. There are some places where you can find them, which are listed below.

Freelancer Sites

Freelancer sites are sites where freelancers can list their skills and customers jobs. They are ideal for finding unique performances, short term contracts and occasionally even for the odd job!

 Upwork logo

The largest and best-known of these websites is Upwork. Used by over 4 million companies, this site is an ideal place to find a steady stream of work. However, this also makes it one of the most competitive of these sites, and fees are highest. Slightly smaller but still very useful are PeoplePerHour and Freelancer.

Toptal does the same, but accepts only 3 percent of the applicants. This reduces competition with ridiculously low fees and helps you to find the very best customers, but only if you can secure a place on the platform. College Recruiter is a freelance site for students.

However, one of the most interesting ways to find online writing jobs is Constant Content. This is a freelance site designed specifically for authors, but it also acts as a repository where you can drop off your work and be paid each time someone uses it. If you happen to have old, unused content on your computer, this is a great way to monetize it.

More information: Top sites for finding paid work online

Webmaster Forums

A webmaster forum is a forum where webmasters depend. Here they will talk about internet marketing, SEO, web design and other matters related to their business. At the same time, it's also a place where they can post jobs and let professionals know their abilities. The three largest are Digital Point Forums, Warrior Forum and Black Hat World.

The current rate is usually very cheap, which means you often work for little and compete against foreign authors. Many webmasters on these sites are interested in "getting rich quick" and will create low-quality blogs to fool Google.

While this may not seem particularly appealing, if you are looking for a steady supply of online writing jobs that do not require high quality, you will find them here in large quantities! If you can not find jobs to write content, you can try to sell previously written content in the form of e-books and stacks of articles that others can use. If you want to make quick money, visit one of these sites, place an ad, and you may find work and get paid for it within 24 hours.

Writing Agencies

Writing agencies are companies with a number of authors in their books who mobilize these authors to do jobs when they come in. You can get a full time job at a typing agency, or you can use one to find free writing jobs.

 Working Online

Writing agencies, of course, carry a large portion of the profits, which means you will not get paid as much as you could elsewhere. On the other hand, working with an agency means that you do not have to advertise yourself or waste time with customers. You will receive daily work that will be returned for cash. This is a very stable job and I personally recommend that you source your Copywriter jobs from a combination of freelance websites and writing agencies.

If you work with an agency, you do not have to advertise yourself.

You can search for writing agencies with a simple Google search, and there are plenty of them (a quick search has just called BoostContent.com and Copify.com). When you contact SEO companies and web design companies, you get similar results.

Big Blogs and Businesses

One last option is to directly target sites, businesses, and other potential customers. Find a company that you like and send it an e-mail with your services. This can be associated with a lot of feeling and little profit. However, if you get an answer, you may be able to find recurring, high-paying and high-profile work.

You can even contact publishers and try to get them published some technical writing!

Again, it can not hurt to expel Fühler and at the same time to achieve a steady income from agency work.

Be Paid

Once you've found and agreed to the online writing jobs To set a rate and time frame, all you have to do is complete the instructions: Enter the articles, blog posts, or site content assigned to you were. Send it back to the customer via email, which will usually send you money through PayPal (some authors ask this in advance when they accept online writing jobs).

 Future Work

PayPal makes a slight cut, but the convenience of the method makes it the preferred option for the vast majority of online professionals. However, if you use a platform such as Upwork, the transaction itself can be handled there.

This will allow you to deposit funds into your account until the end of your first working day. From there you just have to decide how much work you want to do, and slowly get more work done.

Final Comments

What do you think? Are online writing jobs right for you? Are you trying to copy? Let us know in the comments below and share your tips with the other readers. Good luck out there!

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