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How to find the serial number of your Android device

  How to Find the Serial Number of Your Device

The serial number of your device is a unique code that the manufacturer gives to the phone. No two serial numbers are the same. If you need to search for the phone, you can search for a few digits.

A serial number is usually a combination of letters and numbers. There is no fixed length ̵

1; the manufacturer determines this. The serial number will usually be marked with a "S / N:" on the box, as you will see below. As with all Android devices, the path to your serial number may have different routes, but this guide will give you a general overview of where to look.

Option 1: On your device's retail packaging

  Find your serial number The number is on a sticker on the packaging of your device.

Often, the packaging in which your device was shipped carries the serial number. It is usually located on the outside of the box on a sticker that also contains several barcodes, your device's IMEI number, and so on.

Option 2: Under Your Device Battery

Today, most Android devices ship with non-removable batteries. However, if you have a device with a replaceable battery, you will often find the serial number below it.

Option 3: In the system settings of your device

To find the serial number of your device in the software, go to Settings> System.

 Go to Settings   Tap System

. Then go to About Phone> Status.

 Tap "About Phone".   Tap Status

The serial number of your device is usually at the bottom of this screen.

 The serial number of your device can be found in the device settings.

If the serial number of your device is not displayed here, you may need to do a little more in the "About the phone" section. This can happen depending on the manufacturer in a slightly different place. I have to love Android.

What is the serial number used for and should it stay private?

Your serial number is generally used by the manufacturer to track the equipment inventory – mainly for repairs and warranty claims. Since it is usually printed on the outside of the box, it can be concluded that it is not terribly important that it remains completely private. There are, however, certain situations where sharing a serial number can be harmful to you later. For example, if you share your serial number and someone else uses it to submit an incorrect warranty repair for a device, you may suddenly find a phone out of warranty.

OEMs generally recommend not publishing your device's serial number – after all, it's unique to your device, and there's no reason to share it. So please do not tweet.

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