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How to Find Your Apple Watch

Even the best of us can occasionally misplace an item. Even something like the Apple Watch, which usually sits securely on the wrist, can be lost. They come home from a run, take off their watch and drop it – somewhere in the living room. The band breaks away as you watch the latest Marvel movie and leave the theater without it. Your three-year-old decides that it may be fun to play with your watch for a few minutes and then puts it under a pile of stuffed animals.

What are you doing?

Luckily, Apple's "Find My" works with both your watch and your iPhone ̵

1; even better, because you can use your iPhone to find your wandering watch.

  • Visit the Watch app on your phone. (You can also get there by tapping the Find My app and selecting your watch from the device list.)
  • Tap the name of your watch.
  • Touch the circle of information to the right of the watch name. photo
  • Tap Find My Apple Watch. (If you are using this feature for the first time, you may be prompted to enable "Send Last Location" to save the last known location of your watch for up to 24 hours after the battery is empty.)

The next page shows a map of your watch's location and various options for locating your device.

  • If the clock is nearby (for example, if you have lost it somewhere in your house), you can click "Sound play" "It plays an increasingly loud sound. (It also knocks on your wrist if you forget you're wearing it.) You can then turn off the sound with the clock once you find it.
  • You can get directions to the current (or last) location.
  • You can mark the phone as lost. When you do this, you will be taken through a series of screens where you can set a passcode for the lost clock, set a phone number (if you want) to be notified when it is found, and create a message (" Please call me if you find this watch "). Once the feature is activated, the clock will be locked and anyone who finds it will not be able to use it without the passcode.
  • If the phone is marked as lost and you tap the "Mark as lost" section, you will be taken to the "Lost" page where you can receive email updates or "mark as lost". [19659015] Grid View

  • If you're sure the watch was stolen, you can tap "Erase This Device." You will see a screen asking if you want to delete the device, and you will be warned that a deleted clock can no longer be tracked. However, you can still enter an optional phone number screen (if you've marked it as lost) and a message for someone to restore it.

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