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How to find your Google Pixel Buds quickly if they are lost or stolen «Android :: Gadget Hacks

One thing about the little round little pixel buds – they can be easily lost if you have a terrible habit of placing things incorrectly. Or worse, imagine someone likes them a little too much and steals them when you’re not looking. Google has put these issues into thought so that just like your smartphone, you can easily track your wireless earbuds from anywhere.

Step 1: set up the location history feature

Before you can find your Pixel Buds from anywhere, you need to make sure that location tracking is ready for your Google account. On your phone, go to your system settings, go to your google account settings, then go to “manage your google account”

;. Tap the “Data & Personalization” tab, then tap “Location History”.

If the feature is set to Paused, you will want to click the button next to Location History to go to the next screen. Read the details about the features so you understand what they mean for your personal information. Then scroll down and click “Turn On” to enable it.

Step 2: Activate your location setting

You can only track your Pixel Buds from your phone’s location when they’re connected. Make sure your phone’s location setting is turned on by clicking the Location icon in the quick settings pull-down menu.

Or you can go into your system preferences, find the “Location” section and toggle the switch to “On” to activate it.

Step 3: Install the Google Find My Device app

Now that your location settings are activated and ready to track your pixel buds, you need to actually be able to locate them. The Find My Device app has everything you need to monitor the location of your Pixel Buds. Click the link below and install this on your phone so you can keep an eye on it right away.

Step 4: find your pixel buds

Open the Find My Device app from the main screen, log into your Google Account with the Pixel Buds, and click the Next As button. Once you’re signed in, you’ll need to allow location permission. You will then see a map with your devices at the top. Find the Pixel Buds icon and tap it once to see the current status from that second on.

As soon as you reconnect your Pixel Buds to your phone, the data will be updated in real time with your GPS location information. Now if you lose them somewhere or someone tries to steal them, they will be attached to your Google account. This means that in theory you can track them from anywhere, as long as they are linked to your account from now on.

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