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How To Fix Chunky Or Thin Sauce "Thanksgiving :: WonderHowTo

It's bad enough messing up in the kitchen if it's just for you or your family, but if you're cooking for a big event with many guests, it can be shameful. And on a holiday like Thanksgiving, it's all about food. The last thing you want to do is mess up a key component of the food.

Gravy is one of the things most people do not do often, so it can be easy to make a big day mistake. Sometimes it gets too fat, too thin or just lumpy. Whatever your problem is, you can still save the day (or dinner). Lumps are formed when the thickener (usually flour) mixes unevenly with the fat. You can prevent this by mixing the flour with butter into a roux before adding the broth or the drops. But how can you remove any formed lumps?

. 1 Strain with a mesh sieve

Pour your sauce through the finest mesh or sieve. You have to strain the lumps out. They may not catch everyone, but the biggest ones will be eliminated.

2. Use a Blender

You can also swipe your sauce through a blender to straighten it. When it's hot, make sure you remove the middle part of the lid so the heat can escape. Otherwise, there is a risk of explosion on your hands. Further information can be found in the video of Allrecipes .

Now you have eliminated the lumps, but since you remove some flour, you may get too thin a sauce. What now?

How to fix watery sauce

Fortunately, thickening of sauce is much easier than removing the lumps. Depending on what you have at hand, there are several options.

. 1 Thicken it with flour

Mix equal parts of flour and water to form a paste, and then beat them into your gravy. This will thicken it without producing lumps. It's best to add it gradually so you do not make it thick.

. 2 Thicken with Corn Starch

If you want to use cornstarch to thicken your gravy, the process is similar. Mix it with water to get something like a slurry and then beat it. For more information, see Allrecipes & # 39; s other video.

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