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How To Flash Your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro With Unlocked Software

  OnePlus 7 Pro Mist Blue at Hand Angle

The OnePlus 7 Pro was only the second device of the company to be sold to a US affiliate, notably T Cellphone. The device will no longer be sold through T-Mobile (will be replaced by the OnePlus 7T), but you may have a T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro purchased through the wireless service provider and not directly or through a third party.

When When you buy a T-Mobile OnePlus device, you do not get the same experience as buyers from other sources. There are some subtle hardware differences (such as the lack of a dual SIM card slot in the T-Mobile variant) and some software differences.

The software differences may be a problem for some users Those who buy Unlocked get very fast Android updates and have a generally bloat-free experience. In the meantime, T-Mobile software updates are slower, and there are some preinstalled apps that you just can not remove without rooting / modifying the device.

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Fortunately, you can convert the software on your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro to essentially one unlocked one Variant becomes. This means that your T-Mobile phone receives the same updates for the Oxygen OS as the non-T-Mobile variants, and all T-Mobile bloatware will be removed!

Converting T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro software

  OnePlus 7 Pro back to white table

The OnePlus 7 Pro was introduced to T-Mobile in May to flash the unlocked ROM via the T-Mobile ROM is not finished yet. However, it is very similar to the process of flashing unlocked software over the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T, so this is relatively safe.

However, before we begin the instructions, there are some very important things that you must understand before you do this:

  • This operation completely erases your device's data . Make sure you make a full backup of all the items you need.
  • You do not need an unlocked bootloader to use this feature. You also do not need the device to unlock the SIM card . However, this action will NOT unlock your bootloader or the SIM card will unlock your phone. This is not a way to fully pay the bill for your T-Mobile device before switching to a new wireless service provider. In fact, rooting seems to be a problem for the time being. We therefore recommend avoiding this for the time being.
  • This tutorial requires a Windows computer (sorry for MacOS and Linux users). If you are sure to use Windows emulators on other operating systems, do so at your own risk.
  • You also need the original USB cable that came with your OnePlus 7 Pro. If you do not have that, a high-quality, short and thick cable is sufficient. Avoid cheap / thin cables as they may not work and cause problems.

One last thing: Android Authority can not guarantee that this method works for swapping your phone's software. If you follow the instructions exactly, you should not have any problems. However, we can not take responsibility for anything going wrong. Continue at your own risk!

First Step: Downloading Assets

  Downloading Flash T Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro Files

You need to download three software packages: a Patched Non-T Mobile Oxygen OS for OnePlus 7 Pro, the drivers for your computer to simplify flash, and a patch program that installs this software.

These three software parts come from an independent community developer. These are not official in any way, so please download carefully.

All three software parts are here. You will need to download the following files:

  • guacamole_21.O.09_190516.7z (patched oxygen operating system)
  • L2 + drivers.rar (driver)
  • MsmDownloadTool V4.0-Patched_Alpha_3.exe (installation tool) [19659017] Note that this procedure requires the patched version of Oxygen OS listed above . Do not download Oxygen OS from another source, including OnePlus.com. You must download the software via the link above.

    If you downloaded these three pieces of software to your Windows-based PC, continue to the next step.

    Step 2: Prepare PC for Flash

      Flash T Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro - Instructions Extracted Files

    After you have installed all the software, you need both Prepare your PC as well as your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro for flashing process.

    Let's start with your PC. First, create a new folder on your desktop named "Flash OnePlus 7 Pro" (or any name of your choice). Next, open the package L2 + drivers.rar. If you have a problem with it, find a free WinRAR version and download it. After opening the package, move the folder named "L2 Driver" to the Flash OnePlus 7 Pro folder on your desktop.

    Next, do the same procedure with the Oxygen OS file where "guacamole" is located. Open the package and move the .ops file to the Flash OnePlus 7 Pro folder on your desktop.

    Finally, move the installer that starts MSM into the Flash OnePlus 7 Pro folder. You should now have a folder that looks like the one above and contains all the files you have downloaded in one place.

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    After you've assembled all the files, make sure that both the AdB and Fastboot drivers are installed on your PC. If you've ever flashed ROMs on Android phones, you probably already have them and can skip this step. If this is your first time, just go to this website and click the Download ADB installer button for 15 seconds. Wait 30 seconds and the file will be downloaded.

    Open the downloaded package and start the included program "adb-setup". You will see a blue screen with a yes or no question. Enter "Y" and press Enter, then another "Y" and then Enter. The program installs ADB and fastboot drivers on your system.

    The program then asks if you want to install device drivers. Press "N" and then press Enter, and the program will exit.

    Now your PC should have ADB and Fastboot drivers installed and all extracted files and programs in a folder on your desktop. Your PC is ready!

    Step three: Prepare the phone for the flash

      OnePlus 7 Pro screen in front of the fire

    Let's continue with the acquisition of your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro ready. First, unlock your phone and go to Settings> System> Developer Options . If you do not see the developer options, go to Settings> About Phone and tap your software build number multiple times until you are registered as a developer. The developer options are now where they should be.

    Locate USB Debugging in the Developer Options and enable it. Then connect your phone to your computer with the original USB cable or a short and thick cable from a different location. You should see a pop-up on your phone asking if you trust the computer to which you just connected it.

    If this pop-up does not appear, swipe down to make sure you're in file transfer mode in the notification bar and tap the Android system notification. There should be a file transfer option that you should select, and then the pop-up should be displayed. Leave the device switched off and continue with the last step.

    Step 4: Flash Install Your Device

      Flash OnePlus 7 Pro MSM Download Tool

    To summarize, you should now do the following:

    • Three packages have been downloaded, extracted and organized so that all the files they contain are in a folder on your PC.
    • Install ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC.
    • Enabled USB debugging on your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro and allowed connection to your PC
    • Shut down your phone

    After all, you can start flashing. Open the Flash OnePlus 7 Pro folder on your desktop. Right-click the .exe file that starts with MSM and select Run as Administrator. A program should be displayed on the screen that corresponds to the above illustration.

    To the top of the program window There is a check box with the words "Sha256 check" next to it. You want to disable this checkbox . The Auto Restart check box should still be checked, and the Use Lite Firehose check box should be cleared.

    Now the next steps are difficult. Follow them closely:

    • On your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro, which should still be off, simultaneously press the volume up and volume down buttons.
    • While holding down these buttons, connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable. [19659015] Keep an eye on the MSM program. Once you see the word "Connected" under the heading "Status of …", click on the "Start" button in the upper left corner of the MSM program. You can then release the keys on your phone.

    These three steps need to be done very quickly. For some reason, OnePlus 7 Pro will restart if it does not communicate fast enough with the MSM program. Do not worry in this case. Just turn off your phone and repeat the above three steps until you get it right. We've seen reports from people who have to do this dozens of times before the timing is right. So stay persistent.

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    The process is complete when the program displays the green text "Download Complete" and OnePlus 7 Pro automatically is restarted. Once your phone is restarted, you can safely disconnect it from the computer and close the desktop program.

    If all goes well, the unlocked version of the OnePlus 7 Pro-ROM is now on your phone. Shortly after your first launch, an OTA notification should be displayed to download the latest version of Oxygen OS. Install it to keep you up-to-date.

    If you then want to use the T-Mobile version of Oxygen OS, this is easy. The process is the same except that you need to download new software. There is a XDA thread with instructions on what to do.

    Do you own the T-Mobile OnePlus 7T? Stay tuned, we will soon be releasing an article with instructions for flashing this device to the unlocked version of Oxygen OS.

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