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How-To-Geek is looking for a Mac and iOS writer

Are you an inveterate Mac and iOS user who knows both? We want you to write for us.

What we are looking for

We need an experienced author who can write articles ranging from simple instructions to more complicated explanations and feature stories. You should have proven writing skills and access to a Mac and an iPhone (iPad is also a plus) that can run the latest versions of macOS and iOS. Even if you have no direct experience with the subject, you should be comfortable in researching and writing stories.

You should be able to explain these topics easily and effectively. It's our job to make the technology understandable, and the ideal candidate must be able to do just that for Mac and iOS topics. Excellent communication and the ability to make complex issues easy to understand are crucial.

Here are some examples of good practices we've done in the past:

And some great feature articles we've done: [1

9659004] This is a freelance job where you get topics about You can write. However, we recommend suggesting topics that we have not covered yet. It is also a strict teleworking. We do not have normal office hours – or even an office – so you can be anywhere.


To apply for this job, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You can explain complex topics in a way that is clear and easy to understand even for non-experts.
  • You can generate article ideas, make suggestions, and make topics interesting and exciting.
  • Be at least 18 years old and have your own computer.
  • Have sound English skills (and be prepared to write in American English.)
  • Basic screenshots and image editing features. HTML knowledge is an advantage.

How to Apply

How to tell us how wonderful you are:

  • Send an email to jobs@howtogeek.com with the subject line Mac and iOS Writer [19659010] Enter your name and location in the top of your email.
  • Include a short summary (one or two paragraphs) of your qualifications.
  • After this summary, add links to at least three writing patterns. These may be professionally published pieces or posts in a personal blog, but they should demonstrate your ability to explain technical topics clearly and understandably. If you do not have online writing patterns for the link, you can send them as attachments instead.
  • You can attach your resume or add a link to an online resume or LinkedIn profile.

what it takes? What are you waiting for?

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