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How to get Amazon Prime for free (in time for Prime Day!)

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Amazon Prime is an extremely useful subscription for signing up. Even for an online shopper who buys online only twice a year, it often costs to pay no delivery fees. In addition, you benefit from access to Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Books and many other services. With Prime Day just around the corner – on the 15th and 16th of July – there's no better time to sign up for Amazon Prime.

Unfortunately, this is not the cheapest. Prices start at $ 12.99 per month or $ 119 for The good news is that there are few legitimate ways to get Amazon Prime for free. Not many of them are long-term solutions, but you can use these offers to shop to your heart's content during the prime-day event.

How to get Amazon Prime for free!

Get a 30-Day Free Trial Duration

  Free Amazon Prime for 30 Days

Amazon offers a free 30-day trial to see if Prime is right for you. If you cancel your subscription within one month, your credit card will not be charged. After you cancel your subscription, Amazon may occasionally renew your free access and may offer you a two-month free trial. If you have not registered with Prime for a while (about a year or more), you may be able to sign up for the free trial again.

The duration is a month or two perfect for those who want to do some shopping on Prime Day. If you sign up now, the Prime Day sale will be canceled during the free trial period. In addition to free delivery, Prime members also get early access to popular deals. There will also be a number of prime-exclusive products.

Buy Prime for Students

  Apply for Student Prime Subscription

As the name implies, this is a student-only subscription. It is also not easy to find a workaround to play the system. Amazon requires proof of your status as a student. You need an .edu email address (but not the primary account email address). In some cases, you may also need to provide certificates, an expired university card, or other documents to verify your status as a student.

Prime for Students is a fantastic plan that you can sign up for if you can. You will receive a six-month free trial instead of just 30 days. At the end of six months, the regular subscription rate is available at a 50 percent discount – $ 59 in the US. Prime for Students is also available in Canada, the United Kingdom and other European markets.

Get the right mobile tariff. Internet Connection or Credit Card

  Sprint's Unlimited Reward Plan Available for Free from Amazon Prime

One of the ways that network operators, broadband providers, and credit card companies attract customers is to bundle a variety of billing plans with rewards plans. A free, generally year-round subscription to Prime is one of the extras you can get. Here are some examples of companies offering Amazon Prime for free.


United Kingdom

  • Vodafone offers an Amazon Prime video subscription for up to two years for those signing up for the annual Red Entertainment package. Note that this is just Prime Video and not the full Amazon Prime package – so no free delivery and no other offers.
  • Likewise, EE offers up to six months of free Prime Video access. You can take advantage of this offer if you have a monthly, 12-month SIM or tablet plan.


This is a list that is constantly changing (and we continue to update this page). , Network operators will continue to add or remove Amazon Prime as a bundled offer. Currently no credit cards are included in the Prime subscription. There have been options in the past, and there are likely to be options in the future.

These are just a few ways you can get Amazon Prime for free! However, there are no legitimate long-term solutions unless they come from a network operator, an ISP, or a credit card company. With the free trials, you can find out if the service is worth the money.

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