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How to get billing money if you purchased an original from Google Pixel Review Geek

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Cameron Summerson

If you own an original Pixel or Pixel XL manufactured before January 4, 201

7, you may be eligible for up to $ 500 in a class action lawsuit against Google $ 7.25 million for knowingly selling equipment with defective microphones.

Of course there are some provisions. First, you must have purchased your Pixel before January 4, 2017, and you must not have received a replacement product that was made after January 3, 2017, or you must have received a Refurb device after June 5, 2017. There are different payouts for pixel owners, depending on how many different devices had issues, but it looks something like that (in order of payout):

  • All pixel owners: If you bought a pixel You are entitled to $ 20 – even if you did not have any problems. This is a free lunch for a phone, my boy.
  • If you paid a deductible to get a replacement phone: You are entitled to a refund of your deductible. Of course you have to provide proof.
  • If you have more than one pixel audio issues: If you can prove that you had microphone or speaker problems with more than one phone, you can receive $ 500. Boom.
  • If you had the problem on a pixel: If you had the problem, you can prove it and pay no deductible to get a new phone, then you are entitled to to $ 350. If there is not enough money to cover all these payments, each will be paid proportionately.

The likelihood is that you owe at least $ 20 (because literally anyone who owns a pixel owes $ 20), but if you have evidence that proves you have the problem at at least had a phone, then you could make a lot more money. This is the least that Google can do for the trouble, right?

For more information and to file your claim, contact PixelSettlement.com.

[via Doctor of Credit]

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