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How To Get Custom Fonts in Samsung Messages «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Thanks to One UI, you can now assign a dark theme to Samsung Messages. However, you may want to personalize your SMS app further. A great way to do this is to apply a custom font that not only aesthetically enhances the app, but also improves the readability of your text and helps you to better process information.

Just like the night mode functionality of Samsung, custom fonts are applied system-wide. Samsung not only gives you the ability to choose from a variety of pre-installed fonts, but also downloads additional fonts and sets their overall size. And since Samsung Messages is such a text-intensive app, it may be the only app that benefits the most from setting a custom font.

Setting a new font

Applying a new font could not be easier. Go to the settings of your Galaxy and select "Display", then "Font size and style" and "Font style". Select a font from the list provided. Then, return to the previous page to preview your selection. Repeat the process as needed until you find a font that you are satisfied with.

If none of the provided fonts are what you want, you can download additional fonts directly from the Galaxy Store by clicking Get Fonts on the Font Style page. Note, however, that many of the available packages must be purchased in advance. Therefore, be careful on this route.

In addition, you can set the total size for your text under "Font Size and Style." Click on a page by dragging it on the bar on the Font Size tab to zoom in or out (see GIF below). You can also read the texts even more easily by permanently bolding them by clicking the button next to "Bold".

Improve Visibility of Your Texts

When you change the visibility of text in Samsung messages and other apps You can enable the High contrast font option. To access this feature, go to the Accessibility page in the Settings app and choose Visibility Enhancements. Once inside, just tap on "Contrasting Font" to turn it on. Keep in mind that turning this feature on disables the Night Mode if you have the dark theme enabled.

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