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How to Get Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallpapers on Your iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Samsung will not announce it until February 20, 1945, the latest release in the Galaxy S10 series, but that did not stop the leak from giving us an early taste. While we already know what the alleged devices are likely to look like, we now have access to their wallpapers as well. Apple fans do not have to be left out of the fun – someone has already cropped these images to fit in your iPhone's display. Ishan Agarwal The first who leaked them all was the Reddit user CableGuy505, who shared a compilation of images cut into iPhone wallpapers. We do not know if CableGuy505 made these images themselves or if they came from Agarwal's leak, but we know the wallpapers will fit and that's good enough for us.

There are currently six wild Galaxy S1

0 wallpapers. CableGuy505 shared three separate folders of the six wallpapers, one with iPhone X and X S ; one with iPhone X S Max and X R Wallpapers; and one with standard iPhone-sized wallpapers.

While CableGuy505 was so nice to distinguish between the smaller and the larger X models, the differences between the wallpaper sizes seem at best to be small. Of course, the standard 16: 9 background images look very different, so it's important to consider the background images.

Below are the iPhone X S Max and the iPhone listed X R versions. For others, you can choose your wallpapers directly from the CableGuy505 Google Drive link. If this link has ever been removed, all wallpapers will be on MediaFire. Just download all the wallpapers that are right for your iPhone.

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Cover Picture by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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