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How To Get The 99-Cent Echo Dot Offering From Amazon


Sincerely, 99 cents if you sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited for at least one month.


First, what promises to be a long stream of near-free smart-speaker deals (after all, Black Friday comes), Amazon offers a third generation Echo Dot for 99 cents if you sign up to a month from Amazon Music Unlimited . If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, the total cost is only $ 8.98. For non-subscribers: 10.98 USD. Just make sure you follow the instructions below. Please note that CNET may receive some of the revenue from selling the products featured on this page.

Although not expressly stated in the terms and conditions, this offer is intended for new subscribers of Music Unlimited – but only to you. If you have been a subscriber (or have run a trial) in the past, you may still be able to use it do. I am in the latter category and have successfully completed the deal.

I also heard from Twitter followers that this deal is difficult to access through the Amazon Mobile app. Your mileage may vary. For the recording I bought it via a desktop browser.

Music Unlimited is of course the answer from Amazon to Spotify. It usually costs $ 9.99 a month for a single user or $ 7.99 a month for Prime subscribers. After your first month, you will still be charged these fees, unless you cancel what you can do at any time.

Although the Echo Dot is the 3rd generation model, it is not the 3rd generation model. the one with the clock . But it's still a good-sounding, versatile, intelligent speaker that usually costs $ 50. (Of course, as mentioned earlier, Black Friday is coming, it will almost certainly be sold for $ 30, maybe less, soon.)

Your Thoughts? The new Amazon Echo Dot: Does it sound better than before?


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$ 49

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