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How to Get the Google Phone App with Spam Blocking and Business Search on Any Android Device «Android :: Gadget Hacks

The Google Phone app is today one of the best dialers for Android, especially with all the unique and exciting features it brings to the table. Unfortunately, you can not officially download the app without a Pixel Phone. Therefore, a modified version is the only option. However, this version of Google Phone lacks some key features, such as spam protection and enterprise search.

To use most of the core features of Pixel Phone, you need a specific framework that gives you access to these features on the Internet first place. However, there is good news – there is a way to achieve this on any rooted Android phone! With the Google Dialer Framework Magisk module developed by TheJulianJES, you can download and install the Google Phone app directly from the Play Store, and it works the same as if you had a pixel.


Step 1: Download the Google Dialer Framework Module

. Launch the Magisk app, tap the menu button on the left and go to "Downloads". Type "google dialer framework" in the search bar and you'll find the only module we need to make it work. Tap the download arrow on the right and then tap Install. It should be a quick installation. Then tap on the "Reboot" button and wait until your system is restarted.

Step 2: Download the Google Phone App

Go to the Play Store and search for "Google Phone". Then tap the appropriate entry to view the main page for the app. Continue and install the app as usual, but do not open the app until the installation is complete.

If you want, you can scroll to the "Become beta tester" section and tap the "Join Now" button. This is completely optional, but it ensures that you can always be notified of the latest updates from Google before they are published. This is especially useful if you want to test the new Google Phone features on a non-pixel smartphone.

Step 3: Enable Permissions

Before you open the Phone app, you should enable all the necessary permissions for the app to work properly. Open your system settings, go to "Apps & Notifications" (or the place where you control app permissions), search for the "Phone" app (if you have two now, look for the app with the blue one Icon), and open the main app info page. This should be listed in a newer version of Android as a recently opened app to help find the app you're looking for.

Tap Permissions on the Google Phone app main screen and proceed Continue activating each one. The Dialer app requires many permissions to use many features, especially the location for the Nearby Places feature. Press the Back button once, scroll down and tap the "Change System Settings" section. Then activate the "Allow change of system settings" button in the next screen. This allows the phone app to set ringtones and make other system-related changes.

Step 4: Set Google Phone as the default phone app (optional)

If you want to get phone numbers and have them open in the Google Phone app (along with other shortcuts), you can use Google Phone on many Set devices as a standard phone app.

To do this, open your Settings app and tap the search box at the top. Enter "Default Apps", tap the top result and select "Phone App" on the next screen. Select the Google Phone app there. It becomes the standard handler for calls. Note, however, that this setting is not available in all Android skins.

Note: This is optional because it may affect the operation of the system dialer when sending and receiving calls. If you notice these issues, reset the default phone app to the app that came with your system and use the Google Phone app as usual. This allows calls to be routed in the background via the default system dialer while using the new phone app.

Step 5: Test the new features

Now go to your app tray and open the "Phone". App from Google. You'll find that the app works the way it should, and many of the same pixel features are also there. At the top right, tap the three-point menu, go to Settings, and then Caller ID and Spam. Both listed options should be activated and ready to use, which is excellent! If not, continue and activate it now.

Tap the back arrow, go to "Nearby Places" and make sure all options are also turned on. Make sure your Google Account is selected and your location settings are turned on. Double-tap the back arrow to return to the main screen. In the search bar at the top of the screen, enter a name to search for. You should then see a list of nearby places. If you tap on a list, that number will be dialed for you immediately. Easy! End a company's website to find the company's phone number.

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