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How to get the most out of your iPhone Trade-In «Hacks for iOS and iPhone :: Gadget

Phones are expensive today . The iPhone 11 Pro is believed to be available for $ 1,000 or more if it follows the leads of iPhone X S and iPhone X. One way to reduce these costs is to trade with your old iPhone, but there is no clear way to do it. You can trade your iPhone on a participating website or place yourself there and sell the iPhone yourself. It's all about what's best for you.

You should know right away that the current state of your iPhone affects its value, no matter where you sell it. Some sockets leak small dents or scratches, but most are very severe when it comes to cracks, broken screens, major damage, and so on. We took care of your iPhone.

Option 1
: Sell it Yourself.

There is no doubt that using a trade-in website saves time and hassle. But there are real benefits to rolling up your sleeves and selling your iPhone yourself through sites such as eBay or Swappa.


On these websites you set your own price, ie you can ask for more than Trade-in sites give you. While you can not simply charge anything and expect to sell an old iPhone, you'll see iPhones selling for more than well-known resellers can offer you. For example, starting with this release, you'll be earning well over $ 400 on eBay with an iPhone 8 Plus, in some cases as high as $ 500. At Swappa, the average selling price for a 256 GB model in July was $ 509. This halves the cost of a brand new iPhone 11 Pro.

You can see how the prices for the iPhone 8 Plus at Swappa have changed since February of this year. Picture about Swappa

These websites are also paid in cash and not in credit. That means you can take your money with you and spend it on the new iPhone wherever you want. If a retail outlet offers a better deal for the 11 Pro, you can buy it there. If you had a balance in your business for your trade-ins, you would be bound to this business to spend your money selling your iPhone before the new ones fall. As soon as Apple releases this year's series of iOS devices, the value of your device drops instantly. So, selling in advance will ensure that the price you see today is the price you get. Selling your iPhone before the new model you are looking for can range from uncomfortable to impossible, depending on your access to a second device.

Option 2. Trade with Apple in one of two ways.

Apple There are currently two ways to make money from your old iPhone: you can exchange your old iPhone for a new iPhone or for a fixed price (in-store credit). What makes these options different? Let's take a look:

Exchange for a new iPhone.

To use this deal, you'll need to trade in your old iPhone when you buy a new one. Apple accepts these trade-ins both online and at the store so you can use this method, whether you want to shop online or in person.


Apple actually offers you a bit more money for your old iPhone when you trade it for a new one while you trade it for a fixed price. For example, you're currently getting $ 60 more if you're trading an iPhone 8 Plus for a new iPhone instead of taking credit in the store. Just drop in your iPhone, pay the rest and return the new iPhone.


Because you'll need to buy an iPhone trade-in method, you can only use this plan when the new iPhones come out. We already know that the iPhone has value in new releases, so you will not get as much for your iPhone as it does today.

It's hard to say how much Apple lowers its exchange prices, but keep in mind the following: In August of last year, you secured $ 290 for an iPhone 7 Plus. Now you get $ 210 with a fixed-price trade-in. If this depreciation is consistent, Apple could lower its trade-in prices by $ 80 next year. It's not a guarantee, but something you should keep in mind.

Redeem fixed price

Apple's other exchange plan gives you a fixed price for your iPhone without having to buy an iPhone to get the reward. Again, Apple accepts this plan in-store and online, making it as easy to use as its other plan.


Unlike Apple's other exchange method, you can open Apple's trade -in website now and spend money on the current value of your iPhone. An iPhone 8 Plus is valued at $ 290 using this method. That's $ 290 in your pocket today. Compare this with swapping your iPhone for a new one next month – you have no idea what Apple will offer you. The methods on this list can help you make more money on your iPhone. If you compare the best-case scenario for an iPhone 8 Plus with swappa ($ 509) to Apple's offer here ($ 290), it's a bit hard to take.

In addition, this offer does not lead to an Apple Store Gift Card in cash. That means you have to buy your next iPhone through Apple. If you prefer to buy your iPhones through Apple, you are in the right place. If you find a better deal elsewhere, you can not use it with your Apple Store gift card.

Option 3. In the US, You Can Trade With Your Mobile Service Provider

The four major vendors – AT & T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile – are always competing for your iPhone business. For this reason, trading with your mobile service provider may be the best deal for you.


Mobile service providers sometimes offer great trade-in deals that offer more than just discounts on a new phone. You may find a promotion that offers a free iPhone in exchange for your old iPhone, a discounted mobile phone contract, and more. It all depends on what your mobile service provider offers Optimal value creation through trade-in of your iPhone ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

Verizon's various offers when taking on an old iPhone.


As with Apple, carriers do not offer the best prices for their used iPhone. For example, each used iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) vendor offers the following:

  • AT & T: 285 USD
  • Verizon: 290 USD
  • Sprint: 275 USD
  • T-Mobile: 240 USD [19659043USD] In addition, these prices go towards credit in the store, not in the direction of cash. If you want to use your money to buy a new iPhone, you need to contact your mobile service provider.

Option 4. Trade with a Third-Party Site

Third-party trade-in sites can be valuable tools for selling your used iPhones. They are a happy medium between the freedom and ferocity of eBay and the organization of Apple. Let's see if these sites are right for you:


A third-party site like Gazelle offers you more money for your iPhone than Apple or the mobile service providers. Currently you can get up to $ 357 on Gazelle for your iPhone 8 Plus. Apple only gives you $ 290. And that's $ 357 in cash, not gazelle loans. So you can spend the revenue of your old iPhone wherever you find the best deal for a new one.


The main drawback is the same as here We've learned from resale sites that iPhone values ​​are falling. So you have to act right away to get the best deal. Of course, that means you no longer need an iPhone while you wait for the new iPhones to come out. Or is it?

Pro Tip: Now Save the Current Value of Your iPhone

The real problem is to balance the highest value you can get for your iPhone while still having iPhone while you wait for your new one. Gazelle actually bridges this gap – with its new promotion, you can save the current value of your iPhone, even if it's in the black. In addition, you can wait until you get your new iPhone before you ship your old one.

The promotion for Gazelle begins on September 3rd and runs until September 17th. This delay will give you time to get your new iPhone before you part with your old one.

Find your iPhone model in our list below and just answer Gazelle questions to your device for a quote. If you are satisfied with the offer, you can click on "Paid" or tap on it and then enter your e-mail address to start the process.

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