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How To Get The New Pixel Launcher Of Android 9.0 Cake On Any Phone – No Root Needed «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Google has just released Android 9.0 Pie, but the Android community is already working on their magic. Developer Quinny899 has quickly ported the updated Pixel Launcher out of the new build, so you can try it on other phones now.

The only prerequisites are that you have marshmallow or higher with unknown sources enabled in security settings. and that you have no previous versions of Pixel Launcher installed on your phone – even ports like Lawnchair (that is, it does not work on Pixel devices, of course). Apart from that, installing the new Android Pie Home screen app is incredibly easy, but I'll cover the process in more detail below, just in case you need help.

Step 1
: Download the APK

first, tap the link at the bottom of your Android device to get the Android Pirate Pixel Launcher. Then tap the message Download complete (or open the APK file in any file browser) and then press "Install" when prompted.

Note: If you have a You receive an "App Not Installed" error (or similar error) that is probably due to you Have an older version of the Pixel Launcher installed. Uninstall the older version under Settings -> Apps and try again.

Step 2: Set your new home screen

When the app installation is complete, click on your home button. At this point you will be prompted to select a launcher – select "Pixel Launcher" from the list. If you use a Samsung phone, that's all! For other phones, you may need to tap your Home button again, then re-select Pixel Launcher and select "Always" as your default home screen.

Step 3: Enable Permissions

Before you get started to try out your new launcher, take a second, to give him the necessary permissions. On Pixel phones, it is installed as a system app, so these permissions are granted by default. However, because you have installed this app yourself and are not programmed to ask for permissions elsewhere, you must manually grant the required permissions.

To go to the Apps or Applications in Settings, scroll through the list and find the entry "Pixel Launcher". Tap on it, scroll down and look for the Permissions option. Go there and press the buttons next to "Location", "Phone" and "Memory".

Step 4: Try the New Pixel Launcher

Now you can try your new home screen. Not much has changed since the last Pixel Launcher update with Android Oreo, but some fine-tuning has been added. Now the dock background is a little less transparent than it was (no gradient!) And the bounce effects are more pronounced when scrolling. In addition, the microphone icon now opens the Google Assistant.

If you've never used the Pixel Launcher before, the key features are an app drawer that opens when you swipe out of the dock at the bottom of the home screen and a Google search widget at the bottom the screen is embedded right next to your thumb.

Unfortunately, the built-in Google Now page does not work, because you need to install the Pixel Launcher as a system app for this feature. However, you can access some handy settings (such as the ability to change icon shapes) by holding down any free space on the Home screen and then tapping the Settings button.

How do you like the Android 9.0 Pie version of the Pixel Launcher so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

Cover Picture and Screenshots by Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

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