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How to Get the Windows 10 October 2018 Update Now | News and opinion

Microsoft's latest OS update – the unimaginatively named Windows 10 update from October 2018 – is here, filled with new features and nerdy goodies. But as usual, it will run slowly, which means it may take weeks for your PC to get the update. How To Get It Now:

Why Microsoft Delivers Updates Slowly

Before you get up to date, let's talk about the big caveat here: There's a reason why Windows is delivering these updates at a snail's pace. 19659004] Windows 10 uses telemetry and machine learning to record compatibility issues with the first update round. If the update conflicts with normal hardware or software, the update may be applied to other machines with these properties until the problem is resolved. So, if you do not receive the update for a month, there's a possibility that Microsoft is trying to save you from a headache.

Of course you may not have any problems at all ̵

1; maybe you're just at the end of the line because you have hardware that has not yet been tested, or Microsoft is trying to reduce its server load.

However, if you force the upgrade before Microsoft gives you, there is little risk of something going wrong. If you agree, read on. (If, on the other hand, you use a mission-critical computer and delay the update for longer than recommended by Microsoft, you can learn how to do that here.)

To skip the line and update now

Let's say you always want to still upgrade, but have not yet received a notification. You've already searched for updates at Settings> Update & Security and Windows says "You're up to date" (though you're not).

 Windows 10 Up to Date

There are two ways to get the October Update – aka "Version 1809" – to your computer. If it's a work PC, you'll probably need to wait for your IT administrator to approve the upgrade. However, if you are working with a personal computer, you should consider these two options.

. 1 Windows Insider Preview

The first (and in my opinion more reliable) method includes Windows Insider Previews. These are early-release builds for users who want to be up-to-date and help Microsoft to test Windows before it's released. Once an update is complete, insiders get the "Release Preview" – the final release – before it's shared with everyone else.

To get the final build of the new update, go to Windows 10 Settings> Update & Security> Windows Insider Program and click on the Getting Started button. Link your Microsoft account when prompted. When asked what kind of content you want to receive, choose "Fixes, apps, and drivers only." This brings you to the "Release Preview" track.

 Microsoft Windows Release Preview

You must restart your computer for this to take effect. Show that you can return to the Windows Update settings and check for updates , (It took a few tries, but the update finally appeared). Once the update completes the installation of you can return to this settings page and leave the Insider Preview if you so desire.

. 2 Download the Microsoft Update Assistant

Your second option is to download the Microsoft Update Assistant directly from its Web site. Go to this page and click "Update Now".

 Download Windows 10 October 2018 Update

After downloading the tool, run it to upgrade your computer to the latest version of Windows 10. I had this App tell me I'm on "the latest version", even if I'm not. This time I had to join the insider preview to force the update. Try both methods and hopefully one will work for you.

If something goes wrong with the update and you want to restore the previous version, you can do it within 10 days. Just go to Settings> Update & Security> Restore Scroll down to "Back to the previous version of Windows 10" and click "Getting Started". Windows will undo the update and you can wait for Microsoft to officially deliver it to your computer if it is more stable.

Wait and See

If you wait for the update to hit your PC, Microsoft will download the update to your device and notify you that it is ready for installation. You can then decide to discard the notification, instantly install or select a specific time that is best for you

 Download Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Once If you do the upgrade, here are some of the features that you can try.

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