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How to hide broken tweets with the advanced Twitter filters

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Twitter is a great place to exchange ideas with like-minded people on the other side of the world. But it can also be full of abuse. Here filters come into play and so they work on the iPhone.

Twitter offers several ways to filter out the noise with its official iPhone app. Both contribute to people not jumping into their lives and not offering anything of value ̵

1; something that Twitter has all too often found in the news. If you're looking for a way to filter out all the noise, but still enjoy all that Twitter has to offer, you can do just that with a few tweaks.

The settings we are treating here apply only to the official Twitter app. We used the iPhone app, but the process is the same on Android. Twitter has taken some important steps to make its app more usable for those who call themselves "Power Users," though it still lacks some features we enjoy elsewhere. Still, Twitter is the app that most people use, so here's where you can find those oh-so-great filters.

Enable Quality Filter

The Twitter Quality Filter filters "Lesser Quality Content" from the Notifications tab in the Twitter app. Tweets from people you follow or contact will continue to reach you, but if it's a stranger, you'll never see it.

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To turn on the Quality Filter, open Twitter and tap the bell at the bottom of the screen to open the notification timeline.

 Tap the bell icon

Then tap the gear in the upper right corner to access the settings.

 Touch the gear icon

. Then tap "Notifications."

 Tap Notifications

Finally, turn "Quality Filter" to the "On" position.

 Enable the Quality Filter to On

Enable Advanced Filters

If you want more control over your filters, Advanced Filters are where it is. Open Twitter and tap the bell icon at the bottom of the screen.

 Touch the bell icon

Tap the gear wheel in the top right corner.

 Touch tooth symbol

Now tap on "Notifications".

 Tap Notifications

. Then tap "Advanced Filters" to see a list of all the filters that can be activated. 19659003]  Enable advanced filters

There are several filters to choose from. Everyone has more control over who can be shown on the notification timeline. Choose wise. Once you have made your selection by placing the switch in the "On" position, tap Done.

With Twitter, you can mute notifications from people you do not follow that you do not follow, with a new account that has a default profile photo, that did not confirm their email, or did not verify their phone number.

 Turn on all required filters

. Congratulations, you have regained control over who can put their nose in your day.

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