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How to Insert Hyperlinks into Images in Gmail

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Adding hyperlinks is an efficient way to get the reader on the intended website. While it's no secret that you can add hyperlinks to text, in Gmail you can also add hyperlinks to images in the body of the email. Here's how it works:

Inserting images into Gmail

We believe you're already in your Gmail account. If not, continue and come there. When done, select the Compose button located in the upper left corner.


After the selection, the "New Message" window is displayed. When you have completed the e-mail address (1) and subject (2) and entered the message text (3), place the cursor where you want to insert the image (4).

  New Message Window

Click the Insert Photo icon at the bottom of the window.


In the Insert Photo window, you can drag an image or search for an image. If the image you are looking for is not in the "photos" or "albums" section of your profile, you can browse the web or upload one from your computer.

  Insert photo options

After selecting the image, make sure to select "Inline" in the lower-right corner of the screen before pasting. You have the option of inserting the image as an attachment, but we can not achieve our goals here.


Click "Paste" when ready.

  Insert image

Your image will now be displayed in the body of the e-mail. Do not worry if the picture is a bit large – you can resize it. Select the image, grab the handle at any corner and drag to the desired size.

Inserting Hyperlinks into Images

Now you can insert a hyperlink. Select the image by clicking and hovering over it.

Note: You must mark the image in this way instead of clicking it if you want to insert a hyperlink.

  highlighted image

Then select the Insert Link icon at the bottom of the window. Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl + K.

  Insert Link

You are now being greeted by the Edit Link window. In the field "Display text" the image name should be displayed followed by the image format type. If this field is empty, you have not marked your image. Go back and try again.

In the "Link to" section, enter the URL you want to use. Click "OK" when you're done.

 Insert Hyperlink

You have successfully pasted a hyperlink into an image in Gmail. However, we recommend to confirm that the link has been inserted correctly. Continue and select the image again. If you inserted the hyperlink correctly, the message "Go to Link" followed by the destination URL will be displayed.


Once the recipient has received the e-mail, all data must be entered Click on the image to navigate to the URL!

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