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How to Install Fonts in Windows 10

Sometimes, the default fonts that are provided in the latest version of Windows 10 simply do not crop, and you want something more exciting for your PowerPoint presentation or graphic design project. Fortunately, there are thousands of fonts that you can download (as long as they are for personal use only) and the installation could not be easier. In this guide you will learn step by step how to install fonts in Windows 10.

In addition to installing fonts, we also provide instructions for removing unwanted, potentially problematic fonts and restoring default fonts for Windows 10 If you would like to know how to install fonts specifically for Adobe Photoshop, we have instructions for doing so.

The Simple Method

  How to Install Fonts in Windows 10

Step 1: Locate the font that you want to install, whether it's from Microsoft's newly launched font collection at the Microsoft Store or from a Web site of yours Option and download it.

Step 2: The font may or may not be packed in a zip file. If it is zipped, right-click on the file, select "Extract All" and follow the instructions to place the font in a folder of your choice.

Step 3: After extracting (or accessing the file at its downloaded destination), right-click on the file and select "Install." 19659004 Drag-and-drop

  How to Install Fonts in Windows 10

If you prefer to do it manually You can use the old-school drag-and-drop method, which requires two open windows.

Step 1: Download your font as in the instructions above and extract it from your zip file as needed.

Step 2: Navigate to Cortana's search box in the system tray, enter "Control Panel" and click on the appropriate result.

Step 3: With Control Panel Open Go to "Appearance and Personalization" and click on "Fonts" in the main window.

Step 4: Onc When your fonts library loads, simply drag your new fonts from the destination into File window in the Fonts window. A small progress bar is displayed when it is installed. Once the script is done, it can be used.

How To Delete Fonts

  How To Install Fonts In Windows 10

If You Install More Fonts Than You Need Or Do Not Want Some Are Available (19659002) Step 1: Find Look in the search bar of Windows 10 for "Control Panel" and click on the corresponding result.

Step 2: Click "Appearance and Personalization" and then "Fonts."

Step 3: Either browse through the list or use the keyboard to search for a specific font. If found, click on it and choose "Delete" from the top bar menu. Alternatively, right-click and select Delete from the pop-up menu

Step 4: When prompted for confirmation, click Yes. The font will be deleted from your system.

Resetting to Default Fonts

  Installing Fonts in Windows 10

When fonts cause problems or delete an important font, you can always reset your fonts to the default Windows 10 settings. This is far less drastic than resetting or reinstalling Windows 10, but it brings your fonts back to what they were when the operating system was reinstalled.

Step 1: Search for "Control Panel" In the search bar of Windows 10, click on the appropriate result.

Step 2: Click "Appearance and Personalization" and then "Fonts."

Step 3: Click "Font Settings" from the left menu .

Step 4: Click the "Restore default font settings" button . Windows 10 will then restore your font selection to the default Windows 10 options.

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