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How to Invite People to Messenger Group Chat with a Link to Join Now or Wait for Approval «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

While some of our group chats are likely to remain private and closed, others only get better with more people. Whether you're organizing an event and needing a headcount or sharing a fun YouTube video with a large crowd, you can add any friend you want on Facebook by sending them a unique link.

As long as you can Always add people to your Messenger group chat using the app itself. With the help of a link, you can invite a large number of people at once, including strangers on request. Instead of tapping a name in turn, you can share the URL on any platform. You can send an SMS to a small selection of people or post a message on Twitter or Facebook ̵

1; an invitation via link makes it easy for you in any way.

Step 1: Sharing a group chat link

To access This feature requires you to access the settings of your group chat. On an iPhone or Android phone at the top of the conversation, tap the name of the group chat. On Android, you can also tap on the (i) top right. Scroll down next and touch "Share group link" or "Share link". If no one in the group has previously enabled this link, they may first see "Invite to group with link" on iOS.

See a list of sharing options, including the link itself. You can copy and paste this link into an app of your choice, or choose one of the sharing options instead.

If you tap More, the Share sheet on iOS and the Share menu on Android will open. You can choose one of these options to share the link of your group. Whichever mode you choose, your phone will automatically download the invitation link and send it quickly and easily to as many friends as you like.

Unless "Admin Approval" is enabled, no one with the link can join the group immediately without asking questions. Of course, they can later be removed and blocked at any time if they become a problem.

Step 2: Approve a Member Request (if Admin Permission is Enabled)

If an administrator has enabled the "Admin Approval" above "Approve Member Requests" (on iOS) or "Member Requests" (on Android). Invited persons must be approved by a group administrator before they can participate. If you are an administrator, read on to learn how to grant approval. Otherwise, ask your group administrator to follow the rest of this step for a friend to join.

As soon as an invited user taps the share link of the group, he is redirected to Messenger, where he can "request" Join your group. You will not receive any notification, but you know when this is the case because the banner Membership Request is displayed for your group chat. To accept, tap "Show," and then tap the check mark on the following page to confirm. If you want to block the request, tap the (x).

If you accidentally close this notification, you can return to all requests by going to your group settings and then "Approve Member Requests" (on iOS) or "Member Requests" (on Android). Here you can approve or reject pending requests from your group. You can also speed this up by tapping "Approve all".

You can also disable "Admin Approval" here, but you automatically allow all pending requests to your group. So, if there are some bad seeds that you want to get rid of first, make sure you remove them (x) Depending on the settings, you can request immediate participation in your group chat or group. If you want to close your group, you must disable the link.

Go back to your group's settings and tap "Disable Link". In the popup, tap "Disable" and the link will go out. Now, if someone tries to join your group via the link, they will be greeted with an error message, which will restore the privacy of your group chat. At least as much privacy as Facebook can afford.

You can always enable link sharing by tapping Add group to link or Share link again. However, if you want to disable the original link without completely disabling the group links, try the following:

Go to your group settings, and then tap Share group link or Share link. In iOS, tap the link itself, and under Android, tap the vertical ellipsis. Then tap "Revoke Link" and then the popup again. This disables the current link, but immediately replaces it with a new one so you can immediately share a new link.

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