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How to let iOS 14 display newly downloaded apps on your home screen like before «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

If you are wondering where your newly installed iPhone apps are, you are not alone. Upgrading to iOS 14 has many useful features, but it can also prevent new apps from appearing on your home screen. Sure, they’re always in the App Library, but that shouldn’t stop you from accessing your favorite apps your old-fashioned way. The good news is that you can get iOS to get things back to normal.

Apple hasn’t set iOS to hide new apps from your home screen by default. It is something that you have to activate yourself. So the first time you update to iOS 14, newly downloaded apps will still appear on your home screen as always. If it doesn̵

7;t, and you haven’t gone into the home screen settings and changed that one setting, then you probably did something else that triggered it.

If you don’t remember changing the setting yourself, you probably have at least one page of apps hidden from your home screen. When you do so, it will automatically tell iOS to add new app installs to your app library and bypass your home screen entirely. There’s a prompt to let you know, but it’s easy not to pay attention, especially since there is only one option to interact with: “OK.”

This is a great way to accidentally ban apps from your home screen.

Fortunately, reversing the setting is very easy. Just open Settings, tap “Home Screen,” then select “Add to Home Screen” instead of “App Library Only” under Newly downloaded apps. From now on, newly installed apps will appear on your home screen, just like they did in iOS 13 and earlier versions. If you subsequently show or hide start screen pages, the setting should not be changed again.

After changing the setting, only newly installed apps will appear on your home screen. Everything that was automatically hidden before the switch is still only in the app library. However, you can slide them back one at a time if necessary. You can find many of them in the “Recently Added” category.

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