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How to Make the Best Selfies | News & opinion

Most vacations are about spending time with others, and so should be. But today it's time to think about you. Or rather, what others think about you. The National Selfie Day is here.

Self-portrait is not inherently involved in itself. It is a form of communication driven by the desire for people to see us as we think or want to be. In a way, it is more meaningful and honest than the way we meet in person. And while there is no skill in self-expression, there can be art. Just because you are photographing, you do not necessarily have to present yourself.

Take a look at Cindy Sherman, who has built a career that changes and captures under the guise of so many others. Sherman does not want to be known as the queen of selfies, but she has used Instagram and apps like YouCam Makeup to post images that she has incorporated into reflections of the human condition. , If you do not feel comfortable in front of a camera, following your example and creating your own figure will reveal your true self.

Whether you're a self-confident selfie, do you feel that your snapshots do not fit your IRL beauty, or do you want to create the Instagram version of the Mona Lisa ? Who is better at posing than looking for tips as a model? Here are some of their best tricks to look their best when they are behind the camera. Before we start: Make sure you take loads of shots to get a variety of photos to choose from. Models may look like they have such a snapshot in a second, but you can be sure that their camera rolls contain a lot of waste.


If you pull your face away from your neck a little, your jaw will look firmer flattering. You do not want to go unnaturally far, as the tension in your face becomes apparent. Just pull it out a little until you feel a slight tightening in the lower part of your face. No wonder Gigi Hadid eliminates the mistake.

It's going up

Instead of staring straight into the camera, look up a bit. This will make your eyes shine and make them look bigger. Winnie Harlow smokes a bit too.

Even though her face is a bit run down

Miranda Kerr is not only a model but also the founder of a beauty brand and partnered with Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel, so it goes without saying perfect To take selfies. One thing she always does is to tilt her face down.

From Side to Side

Taking a shot from the front can be unflattering. Turn your face (and maybe even the camera) slightly to one side. Play around a bit to see what's best for your face. Ashley Graham has practiced a lot and here she makes it look easy and beautiful.

Find Your Light

Face the light, be it from a window or a light bulb or wherever, for your best looks. Joan Smalls has done this and you can see how it hits her in all the places you want to highlight (between the brows, the tip of the nose, over the arch of your lips and the chin).

19659009] A smartphone is everything you need for selfie perfection, right? Not necessarily. There are a few things you can buy to make sure you look good.

LuMee housing

Good lighting is so much easier if you take it everywhere. But you are not an Apollo, so try out a LuMee suitcase that illuminates just the right amount with dimmer-controlled light stripes on each side. To maximize the opportunities for selfies and other shots with a Lumee case, select the Duo with back and front light rails.

Ring Lights [19659011] If you want to keep your case but like the idea of ​​a selfie light, then get yourself a pluggable selfie light. SRL manufactures a that you can clip to your phone case, tablet or laptop. If you need a little more flexibility, Ubeesize offers a setup that adapts to just about any surface while holding your phone and a ring light.

 UBeesize LED Camera Lighting

(UBeesize LED Camera Lighting)

Pocket Reflector

If you have a natural light source that is very flattering However, if it is not exactly in the right place for the background you want, you can use a reflector. The PhotoTrust 2 in 1 Pocket Reflector is tiny, collapsible and does all the job. Make sure you hold it opposite the light source to shed light on yourself.


If you stretch out your arm, you have so many ways to pose. With a tripod, you can create shots that suit you and give you more background options. The UBeesize Portable and Adjustable Camera Stand Holder is compact, so you can easily take it with you. If you need something with more height, Ubeesize also manufactures a tripod that ranges up to 51 inches .

 UBeesize Portable and Adjustable Camera Stand Holder [19659043] (Portable and Adjustable UBeesize Camera Stand Holder) </em> </span> </p>
<h3>  Remote Control </h3>
<p>  If you have a camera remote control Like the <span> CamKix Camera Shutter Remote </span><span> you have the time and space for a great photo. If you set the timer of your camera to a few seconds, you can stow the remote control before it locks in place. </span></p>
<h2>  Apps are where they are now </h2>
<h3 dir= Camera

Instead of relying on your phone's default camera app, you can use it as well Which photo skills you'll need for apps with more features, such as: , For example, Camera + 2 for iOS and Camera MX for Android .

YouCam Perfect

You Attract You do not need to use the standard camera app on your phone to take a photo. YouCam Perfect ( iOS Android ) makes a great selfie. Virtually everything you need for basic editing is available free of charge. For additional effects and extras, such as stickers, it costs $ 2.99 per month or $ 17.99 per year. If you want a more more comprehensive look try out YouCam Makeup ( iOS Android ).

  YouCam Perfect App 19659010] Facetune2

There is nothing wrong with a small facetune. Even better is the latest version of the app, Facetune2 ( iOS Android ). Unlike Facetune, most features in Facetune2 are free and the rest is available for $ 1.99 per month, $ 6.99 for six months or $ 9.99 per year.

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