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How to make the Chrome offer to store credit card information

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Google Chrome lets you store credit card information to help you make a quick and easy purchase when buying online. However, if you never use this auto-fill feature and want Chrome to stop offering to store your data, you can disable it as follows:

How to Make Chrome Stop Offer to Store Credit Card Data

The first What you want to do Start Chrome, click the menu icon, then Settings. Alternatively, you can type chrome: // settings / into the omnibox to get there directly.

  Click the menu button, then click Settings

. Scroll down until you see the headline Autofill. Click on "Payment Methods".

  Click on Payment Methods under the heading Autofill

. Uncheck the box next to "Save and fill payment methods." [19659009] Disable Disable Save and Fill Payment Methods option. "width =" 650 "height =" 156 "src =" /pagespeed_static/1.JiBnMqyl6S.gif "onload =" pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this); "onerror =" this.onerror = null; pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this); "/>

Extended Restrictions on Auto-populating Data

For the next part, we'll go to a part of Chrome you may not know about: Chrome flags, which are often experimental features to test things that are currently being developed for Chrome.

Before you tap the click of your little heart and remember that most of these features are incomplete . They are mostly As a result, these markers can cause your browser or computer to become unstable, so the more tags you customize, the more likely it is to happen Not to stop you from trying things, but keep your expectations in check.

Also, Google could remove these flags at any time, so if a feature suddenly disappears, it probably could have been set. It does not happen often, but it happens sometimes.

If you are still interested in this experimental feature, open a new tab and enter the following in the omnibox:

  chrome: // flags [19659016] When the address opens, enter "Credit Card" in the search field. 

 Enter credit card in the search field

Scroll down until you see "Auto-fill experiment for credit card". Click Select "Enabled". Then select "Enabled".


from the drop-down menu. If this option is enabled, auto-completion suggestions will no longer be displayed when you access payment fields and forms.

To make sure there are no more windows open and offer to save your information, let's see some other flags to disable.

Enter in the search box above. Google Payments "and select" Disable "for these two payment methods from the gs drop-down menu:

  • " Checkbox for saving Google Payments cards "
  • " Enable the offer to upload auto-filled credit cards "

  Select Disabled from the drop-down menu for the box for saving Google Payments cards and enabling the upload of auto-charged funds cards flags

These changes will be made the next time you restart effective from Chrome.

How to stop credit card sync sync

Click Next to prevent all this information from syncing to one of your connected devices Your Google Account disables syncing payment methods in Chrome.

Click on your profile picture and then on "Sync with". You can also enter chrome: // Settings / People in the omnibox and hit Enter.

 Click on your profile picture and then

. Under the People heading, click Sync to see a complete list of all files synced with your computer Google Account.

[19659012] The next screen lists everything that's stored in your account and syncs with all your devices. By default, Sync All is enabled. To toggle the information you want to sync to Chrome manually, you must first turn off Sync All, and then disable Google Payments and Addresses by toggling the switch from there.

 First disable Disable Sync everything, then cancel payment methods and addresses with Google Pay

Delete Credit Card Information

If you already have credit cards that you want to delete, first remove them Entry from the list below. Click on the three dots and then on "Remove".

 Click the three dots next to the payment method and then click

. After deleting this card, you'll be one step closer to erasing all payment methods from Google's store.

If you've enabled sync for payment methods in Chrome and are buying something online, Chrome may have asked if you'd like to save a credit card on Google Pay. If you agreed, your card may have been saved to Google Pay. So remove it from Google Pay.

Go to Google Pay and click on the Hamburger menu, then on "Payment Methods".

 Then click on the menu icon Click Payment Methods

On the next page, find the payment method you want to remove and click "Remove".

 Click Remove under the credit card you want to delete [19659012] A window will pop up indicating that after deleting, you will not be able to use this payment method without adding it again. Click on "Remove".

 Confirm the deletion of this card and click Remove

. Now, when you fill out a form that contains credit card information, Chrome will not ask you to save this personal information so you can use it when completing payment information.

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