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How to Make Your Own Shortcuts in iOS 12 to Get Things Faster with Siri «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple uses its workflow capture feature with the new Shortcuts feature, which is built right into Siri. It allows you to associate frequently used actions with a phrase that you activate with Siri. In addition to some of the other speed improvements in iOS 12, Shortcuts will streamline your mobile experience.

Shortcuts allow any app to use Siri to create shortcuts to commonly used actions. For example, the Tile app lets you create a shortcut for finding your keys that you can add to Siri. You can even customize which phrase triggers the action. However, Apple goes a step further and lets you create your own custom shortcuts to do what you want.

Apple introduced shortcuts at WWDC 201

8. Shortcuts are not completely finished yet, but you can use some features properly now. To use shortcuts, you must use the latest version of iOS – iOS 12 – which you will now receive when you are in the Developer beta. The public beta release will be launched later this month, with the stable release scheduled for release in September.

Method 1: Creating a Shortcut from a Proposal

While Shortcuts is not widely used in iOS 12 Now, you can find something hidden in "Siri & Search" of your preferences. The first header displays "Shortcuts", and recent actions show some suggestions. For example, I have just turned off my alarm, so it was a shortcut proposal created.

When you tap on "More Shortcut Keys" , a number of other possible keyboard shortcuts will appear in front of you, separated by the app. It will also reflect actions that you have recently taken, such as For example, who I called in my phone. You can tap "Show all" (if displayed) next to an app for any recent action you recently performed.

Add a shortcut by tapping the blue plus sign next to a suggestion, and then pressing the red record button to create a trigger phrase for Siri. This can be anything you want – you will say that to Siri to trigger this shortcut. If you are satisfied with one, tap Done in the top right corner.

Method 2: Create a shortcut to the app & # 39; Links & # 39;

Finally, iOS 12 will have a special "shortcut". App to help you to create your own custom Siri Shortcuts. It was teased at WWDC 2018, but the app is not yet available in the early beta versions of iOS 12. Nevertheless, I will guide you through two additional methods that will eventually provide it.

Abbreviations that you can download

The Gallery tab in the lower right corner of the Shortcuts app lets you download a variety of pre-built shortcuts that you can use right away. Some are made by Apple itself, while others are made by people like you. Expect these links to grow as more people access iOS 12 and the "Abbreviations" app.

Create a custom shortcut

From the Library tab in the lower right corner I'll be able to see all the shortcuts you have. Tap Create Shortcut to create your own shortcut. You can add actions such as sending a message, creating a radio station, or navigating to a specific location when you say the trigger phrase for Siri. Of course this is not an option at the moment, but can be taken from the Apple WWDC demo of the Shortcuts app.

While users can not yet access shortcuts, the APIs are already available to developers to integrate in anticipation of their release. There is no official word if we can expect shortcuts to reach beta, but it can be packaged with public beta. At least the Google Assistant app has its own shortcuts that you can now use on your iPhone.

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