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How to move an iMovie project from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac

If you've ever created an iMovie project on your iPhone or iPad that you want to keep working on your Mac, moving it is a simple process. That's how it's done.

Note: In this process, be aware that you can not send your projects back to your iPhone or iPad after you migrate to Mac. You need to continue editing on your Mac. Be careful not to send unless you commit to editing on the Mac.

First, to move the iMovie project on your Mac

you should not do this Open iMovie on your iPhone or iPad and select the Projects tab at the top. Then tap the project icon you want to share. You should see a new screen. Touch the Share button on the same screen.

The easiest way to move a project to your Mac is AirDrop. If you click Share, the AirDrop option of your file should be displayed on your Mac, if it is enabled. Tap the AirDrop icon to send the project to your computer. When it arrives, it should automatically appear in the Finder window on your screen. If you encounter any problems, here is a detailed guide to using AirDrop to share items.

You have several options on your Share menu, such as: For example, saving the file to your device, sending via messages, and more. Depending on how big your project is, sending via AirDrop may take some time. However, this saves you a lot of effort and effort when moving projects from one device to another. Alternatively, you can send your project to your iCloud drive from the same menu or send your file to your computer simply by syncing it to your iTunes account.

If your file is migrated, you can work successfully Start working on your project in iMovie on your Mac. Have fun editing!

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