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How to move iPhone apps from a home screen to the app library

Move an app from your iPhone home screen to the app library
Justin Duino

Apple added an app library to the iPhone with the release of iOS 1

4. Like the app drawer on Android, all apps that don’t appear on your home screen are stored in the app library. Ready to remove an app from your home screen? How to switch to your iPhone’s app library.

First, press and hold any app on your home screen that you want to move.

Press and hold an app that you want to remove from the home screen

Then tap on the “Remove app” option in the context menu.

Tap the

Your iPhone will ask you whether you want to move the selected app to the app library or delete it. Select the “Move to App Library” button.


The app will now disappear from your home screen. Swipe to the far right of the home screen to view your app library. You can find the app that you have moved in one of the automatically generated groupings or by tapping the “App Library” search bar.

The app is moved to the app library

You can find the app by scrolling through the alphabetical list of installed applications or by typing the first few letters of the app name. Tap the item to start the app.

Find the app in the alphabetical list or search

While you are most likely not accidentally moving an app to the app library, you can undo your decision and quickly transfer apps back to your iPhone’s home screen at any time.

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