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How to move your iTunes music to a Chromebook

When you switch a lot between platforms, you know it's hard to carry your stuff around. Fortunately, music files do not have DRMs that bind them to a specific platform, just like movies, so you can easily copy and paste your library. If your music is already in a cloud library, downloading your music to a new device may be as easy as downloading a single app.

How to move your iTunes songs to a Chromebook!

Option 1
: Install the Apple Music app on your Chromebook

If you've purchased a variety of songs on iTunes – or if you've uploaded your music CD rips with iTunes Match – you can download them simply by downloading Reach Apple Music. Apple Music works on any Chromebook that supports downloading Android apps from the Google Play Store. These are the most published models in recent years. Just download the app, log in with your Apple ID and listen!

Scaling in this app is not exactly pretty. It looks like a small tablet screen in the middle of your screen (look at the picture at the top of the article). We hope that Apple fixes this in the future, but it works. You can install the Apple Music app and listen to music easily.

Option 2: Upload Your iTunes Songs to Google Play Music

When you pause with Apple's ecosystem, you can easily get your songs to Google's world. Google Play Music still rocks as Google's music service with a completely free cloud storage for all your songs.

First, download the Google Play Music Manager to the system where your iTunes songs are stored. It supports Windows and MacOS. If you have it installed, start it and sign in with your Google Account.

After signing up, select "Upload songs to Google Play," and then click Next.

On the next page Select the option "iTunes" and then click "Next".

Next, you decide which songs to upload. You can either upload all your songs and playlists, or select specific songs and playlists. You can also upload any podcast you downloaded in iTunes. Make your selection and then click on "Next".

Google Play Music starts by uploading all your music from iTunes. If you have a lot of music, just sit down and let it do its thing.

When all the music has been uploaded, you can get it on your Chromebook by downloading the Google Play Music app or visiting the Google Play Music website. Choose your favorite song or playlist, click on "Play" and enjoy your music!

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