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How to mow the lawn properly?

No one wants to spend his weekend in the hot sun and mow the grass. However, if you start with a plan, you can make your lawn care process quick and painless. Here are some tips on when to mow, mow and service your lawn mower so you can enjoy a cold drink in a deck chair while admiring your beautiful lawn much faster.

Wait until the grass is dry.

Lawn mowing in the early morning while it's still cool outside seems like a good idea, but if there's dew on the ground, you can lose precious time. More than likely, the wet grass will clump in the output chute (that flappy thing on the side) that requires you to stop and remove the clog. In addition, your mower tires will not get good traction.

Instead, wait until later in the morning when the dew dries, or mow the lawn late the day before the dew. In addition, you should start your sprinklers in the late evening or at night, so that no additional moisture remains on the lawn when mowing. Here are some tips for watering your lawn .

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Let the Grass Be Long

If you control your lawn strictly and make the same very short height every few days, I have news for you. It's better to grow your grass.

A lawn that is healthy during the hottest days of summer will be about 4 inches high after a cut. This seems long, but higher grass retains more water and has longer, healthier roots. So, raise the mower and let your grass grow longer before you cut.

Go slower

I know that your lawnmower has multiple speeds, from ultra-crawling to hissing like an ATV. Although it is tempting to go fast when mowing, it really does not save you time. Speeding through the work leaves some areas uncut and gives the lawn a uneven, sloppy appearance. Then you have to mow it again so that the lawn looks right.

To save time, do it once and do it right. Keep the speed within the first four speed settings of your mower for the best results. Keep in mind that the choke must be lower for slower speeds to run properly.


Keep your speed low to make mowing fast.

Alina Bradford / CNET

Mowing in a Pattern

Coincidentally, mowing surfaces can cost time and unnecessary labor. Instead, follow a pattern with this technique:

  • Start at the edge of your lawn with the unloading chute pointing at your lawn
  • Mow around the perimeter of your lawn
  • When you get to your starting point, do one Turn so that the unloading chute is pointed at the straight cut strip
  • Continue mowing around the circumference, making sure the unloading chute points towards the just mown spot.

In the end, your lawn will have a nice pattern and the discharge chute will not clog up.

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How to Prepare Your Lawn Mower for the Season


Prepare Your Lawnmower for the Next Time

To save your mower ready for mowing immediately after mowing, you can save your time. Always turn the lawnmower over and rinse the blades and spout with a garden hose before putting it away. This prevents the accumulation of crusts, which are much harder to remove.

If the air filter on your lawnmower looks dirty, wash it well with mild detergent and rinse it off with the garden hose. Set aside the filter to dry, so you can use it again the next time you mow.

One of the best time savers is to keep the lawnmower sharp. A blunt blade requires you to go over the same lawn more than once to cut any remaining pieces. With a sharp blade you can circle your lawn only once and still achieve great results. Most lawnmower workshops will sharpen the blades for a small fee, or you can do yourself with these tips .

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