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How to Observe How Space Is Launched

George Méliès' movie of 1902 A Journey to the Moon was seen by countless film and science fiction fans. One of the reasons for the continuing popularity is the fascination of mankind for the idea of ​​space travel in addition to the (for the time) innovative effects. Today, however, we have an advantage that has nothing to do with special effects. We can see fly rockets into space.

Most of us do not know how many launches take place per year. In addition to flights to and from the International Space Station (ISS) satellites are sent into orbit, used reconnaissance aircraft and tested new technologies. And since we can view the process to a greater extent than ever before with more current technology (with more current footage and less dependency on animation), it's even more interesting to look at it than a generation ago.

I would like to know when and where can you see a space launch? There are a variety of online sites and mobile apps that give you an introduction to the world of launch-watching. Here are some places to try:

Online Sites

NASA Launches and Landings

  NASA Launches

The NASA site provides plenty of information about launches involving the organization, its facilities and the ISS are involved. Links on the website provide information about every launch and every live coverage.


  SpaceX launches

Elon Musk's company keeps information about its activities at the forefront and at the heart of the site. The webcast page will tell you how long it will take to get started, and will create a link to YouTube's live broadcast. You can also set a reminder.

Kennedy Space Center / Starts & Events

  Kennedy Space Center Launches

If you live or plan to visit near Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, be sure to visit the Kennedy Space Center for takeoffs and events Events. Watching a startup video is cool, but personal viewing is infinitely cooler. You can watch a launch from the main visitor complex or from special viewing areas (if you're ready to pay a little more). At the very least, you should be aware that Spaceflight Now is a good resource for launches outside of NASA and SpaceX. This page lists the upcoming launches from India, China, Russia and other space nations.

The space side of Verge Science. The Space page is not a bad place to get the latest news on the latest launches.

Mobile Apps

While watching a phone launch may provide a thumbnail view, mobile apps can keep you up-to-date with current status reports. They can also send you notifications to let you know when a startup is due (or if a scheduled startup has been postponed to a later date).

There are a number of apps, but these three are available for both iOS and Android:

Next Spaceflight (Android / iOS)

  Next Spaceflight launches

Next Spaceflight Starts with a list of upcoming ones product launches. Select one and get more information and a link to the start. You can also view the status of previous starts along with videos. The app also includes news articles, a Twitter feed and descriptions of the various vehicles.

Space Launch Now

  Space Launch Now

  Space Launch Now

Space Launch Now Indicates Next Launch Status The home page includes a countdown clock, a description of the purpose, and a link to more information and YouTube Feed leads. There is also information about the ISS, all astronauts who have been in space, and upcoming events of interest. The next launch will include a countdown and links to more information, the feed, and where available, the location where you used it can personally view.

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