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How to personalize the Google Discover feed on Android

Google Discovery Feed

With the Google Discover feed on your Android phone or tablet, you can find great news, sports scores, and other content without having to search for it. Discover is based on learning about your interests in order to get relevant information. We̵

7;ll show you how to personalize it.

Where is the Google Discover Feed?

The Google Discover feed is simply a tab on the Google mobile app. Some Android launchers, especially the Pixel Launcher, have a dedicated area on the far left of the home screen for the Discover feed. You can also quickly access the feed from the Google widget.

Google Discovery UI
Detection area in Pixel Launcher (left), Detection tab in Google app (right).

Personalize your interests

First, navigate to the Google Discover tab in the Google app on your Android device.

Google Discovery Tab

Discover displays the weather forecast for your location at the top of the screen. Underneath, you’ll see all the content that Google interests you in. This content is based on what you specifically tell Google and some assumptions based on your web activity.

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The first way to personalize the feed is to take action on the cards that appear. Each card has a control icon and a three-dot menu icon in the lower right corner.

Google Discovery icons

The three-point menu gives you more information about the map. In this case we see the Disney + theme. From here you can “follow” the topic, hide the story, say you are “not interested”, block the source of the content (the website it came from), or “manage interests”.

Discover more information on the topic

By tapping the “Control” icon, you can choose whether the feed should show “More” or “Less” of the topic. Tap this icon again at any time to reset your settings.

Discover map control button

Keep scrolling through the feed and you will likely see an “Explore More” section. This allows you to personalize your interests from within the feed. Tap on any of the topics to expand it.

Explore more section

You will be given a preview of some of the stories you see on the subject. Tap “Follow” to add the topic to your interests.

follow a new topic

The other way to manage your interests is at a more detailed level. Tap the three-dot menu icon on a card and select “Manage Interests”.

Tap Manage Interests

Next, choose “Your Interests”.

Choose your interests

If you’ve followed topics before, you’ll see them at the top of the page. Below that you’ll see topics that Google curated “Based on Your Activity”. These are the topics that google thinks You might be interested.

Tap the “+” icon to follow the topic, or tap the crossed-out icon to hide it.

Add or hide topics

It should be noted that you do not do this to have go through this whole list. It will likely be quite long and contain some very random topics. Some of the topics never show up in your Discover feed. Take action on the cards that to do Showing in the feed is a more efficient way to optimize the experience.

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