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How to Ping (Network Diagnostics) on Your iPhone

How reliable is the internet connection of your iPhone? There is no quick, integrated way to say so. You can check your Wi-Fi network or mobile bar to see if you have a good signal, but that does not mean you have a strong connection.

Enter Pingify, which was created by Connectify. This free iPhone and iPad app works the same way as Ping, a classic command-line utility that you may be running on a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. It sends pings to a remote server over your Internet connection and shows you how fast these messages are received.

When you view the ping results, you can see the exact latency of the connection. You can also detect packet loss that occurs as a ping error. If the latency is good on some pings but increases often, it shows that latency peaks are occurring. Problems can be due to either your Wi-Fi or cellular signal strength or the Internet connection itself.

You can also use Pingify to test your iPhone's Wi-Fi or cellular signal strength and ping around a range. You may find that some areas of your home, work or elsewhere have a worse signal. It's easy to spot dead spots or other harmful areas when staring at the ping results.

Download Pingify from Apple's App Store and launch it to get started. On the Pingify tab, tap the Start Test button. Pingify will automatically ping your Wi-Fi and cellular data connections. Pings are also sent over your VPN if you are connected to a VPN. Pingify will not pause until you tap Stop Test.

The Analyze tab in the app shows you the history of your Pingify test results and the geographic location where you performed them. Pingify usually sends pings to google.com. However, you can change this server on the Settings tab. If Google's servers have a problem, this will affect your ping results – but Google usually has fast servers with fixed connections.

This tool is immediately known to anyone who ever pings. If you do not, it's still a great way to see how well your connection is working right now. If a webpage or app is slowly loading on your phone, run a test in Pingify. Find out if you have a connection issue or if this particular website or app is slow.

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