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How to Play Game Boy and Game Boy Color Games on Your iPhone – No Jailbreak Needed «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Nintendo may be developing cases that will turn your iPhone into a gaming device like the Game Boy, but until something happens, you will stuck at Amazon or a real Game Boy or Game Boy Color. However, you can do something else to play 8-bit Nintendo games on your iPhone.

While there are many methods and hacks to re-live some of the best moments that 8-bit games have to offer, there are an infinite number of simpler ways to use Nintendo GB and GBC tiles such as Pokémon, Mario and Zelda on your iPhone to load.

You do not have to jailbreak every day and download the latest emulator from Cydia or Sileo. First of all, to jailbreak you need to make sure you are not updating your iPhone for a long time. If you're on the latest version of iOS now, you'll have to wait for someone to figure out how to slow down this software version, which is completely unpredictable. You need a better way.

Enter "Game Play Color" ̵

1; not your default iOS emulator. Rather than taking a detour to play old Nintendo games on your iPhone, Game Play Color lets you play your Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROMs in a progressive web app. PWAs do not require you to download a traditional app to your iPhone and instead perform all the required functions directly in Safari or another web browser.

Unfortunately, Game Play Color does not currently work with iOS 13. If you want to get that Game Boy Color Emulator up and running as fast as possible, you'll need to reset your iPhone to iOS 12 before.

Step 1: Add Your ROMs to Google Drive

The First Step to Play Add Game Your Game ROM (in GB or GBC format) to Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on your iPhone Add to your Google Drive account. If it is a ZIP file, unpack it first to extract the GB or GBC file.

Please note that installing unlicensed ROMs for games for which you do not yet own a physical copy is in no way illegal encourage you to do so. Please only use ROMs that you have created yourself from games you have purchased. Amazon has a variety of GB and GBC cassettes that you can buy on demand.

Log in to Google Drive while your game ROM is backed up to your Mac or PC. Click the (+ New) button, create a folder where your ROMs are located, and upload the files directly. You can also upload a whole folder from your computer or just the file if you are not interested in the organization (you can create a folder for it anytime later, if you want).

Game Play Color displays only ROMs in which it is found instead of showing you a complete representation of the contents of your drive. However, we recommend that you create a folder where ROMs stay organized.

You should also have graphics that you want To accompany the ROM, you can now add it to your drive. Just make sure the filename of your footage matches the filename of your ROM (for example, if your ROM is named "pokemon gold.gbc", your artwork should be "pokemon gold.jpg.") The artwork should also be a square ( 1: 1) while Game Play Color inserts it into the 1: 1 label area on the digital cassette in your library.

Step 2: Add Game Play Color to your home screen

Switch to your ROM (or ROMs) In your Safari browser, navigate to gameplaycolor.com so you can add a shortcut to the PWA on your home screen. Scroll down the site and tap "Play Now." "Tap on the following page in On the Safari toolbar, click the Share button, and then in the Activity view, click the Add to Home screen action.

On the page, add to the home screen allows you to select any name you would like for Game Play Color. By default, iOS calls the PWA "Game Play". If this works for you, tap Add. If not, enter your own name and then tap "Add". [19659017] How to Play Game Boy and Game Boy Color Games on Your iPhone – No Jailbreak Required ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

  How to Play Game Boy and Game Boy Color Games on Your iPhone - No Jailbreak Required

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Step 3: Connect Your Drive to Game Play Color

On the Home screen, tap your new Game Play Color icon to launch the PWA. Tap Sign In, and Game Play Color will redirect you to a Google Drive signup page in Safari. Sign in to the appropriate Google Account and take any necessary security steps. At the end of the registration, you must grant Game Play Color access to Google Drive by tapping "Allow".

After You tapping "Allow" will load a new Game Play Color window, giving you a long access token that will allow the PWA to access your Google Drive. You'll need to copy this code and paste it into the GamePlay Color PWA to make the connection between your Google Drive and Game Play Color. Now copy the token.

Then switch back to Game Play Color PWA. If you have not opened another app yet, you can return to the color of the game by tapping Game Play in the upper left corner of the screen. Paste the code in the field under "Enter passcode" and tap "Next".

Step 4: Download Download your game, enable Sound & Play!

After tapping Continue, the color library for the game is displayed. Game Play Color then loads all the ROMs in your drive. ROMs should appear gray and faded. Tap a game of your choice to download the game from Drive to your device and play offline. You know that the game has finished downloading when the wheel is off and the game is no longer dimmed.

When prompted, tap "Enable sound" to make sure your games have a sound. However, it may take some time for the games to be fully functional. In my experience, games may be delayed when they are added for the first time, and the sound may not be displayed first. But after a while, the games should sound and sound good.

To play the game, tap it again. The emulator starts up and displays a Game Boy or Game Boy color on the screen. You should find all the controls as if you were playing the real deal: D-Pad, A, B, Select, and Start. If you want some shortcuts, tap "GAME" to toggle between "Reset" and "A + B + Select + Start", which you can use to turn the game on and off.

Explanation of the Limitations of Game Play Color

While Game Play Color seems to be perfect, it is not quite. Unfortunately, the emulator can not be integrated very well with iOS multitasking. That is, it is possible, if not likely, that your game will be reset when you exit this window. All ROMs that support in-game storage (such as Pokémon or Zelda) can still be saved so you can return to your last memory when reset. However, the emulator does not have its own memory state, so you need to start over in other types of games.

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Step 5: Remove Games from Your Device (If Required))

Do not you want to keep all your games on your iPhone? No problem. Just long press on the game in your library. When prompted, tap "OK" and the game will be deleted from your iPhone. As long as it's in your drive, the game is dimmed in your library. Touch it at any time to download the game back to your device. However, if you want to completely remove the game, you must delete the file from your Google Drive.

Note that scores for games like Pokémon are only stored locally. If you delete the game from your iPhone, the ROM stored in your Google Drive will not keep your saved game.

Step 6: Change the color and Speed ​​of Your Gameboys (optional)

Game Play Color comes with some customization options to ensure your retro gaming experience fits your playing style. In the library, tap Settings to open these options. Here are five colors to choose from – Grapes, Berries, Teal, Kiwi and Dandelion – the colors of the true Game Boy Color consoles. Tap any color and the Game Play Boy will reflect your choice at the next game.

In this window you can also select a game speed. The options range from the 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 times speed. If you're a casual player, you probably want to keep the speed at 1.0. Those of us who enjoy playing games – especially text-based ones – may want to try a higher speed.

Side note: Higher speeds have come in handy when Super Mario Land was unusually slow on first download. I increased the tempo to 1.5 and it was like a magic. When the bugs were fixed, I returned to 1.0 and was ready to go.

Step 7 : Log off game color (if desired)

You may already be notified in the settings shown above, but you can opt out of the game at any time Play color at any time. Return to the Settings window and tap Sign Out. It may take some time, but eventually Game Play Color returns to the original screen and prompts you to log in. If you want to return to the eight-bit fun again, just repeat the signup process.

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