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How to play PS4 games on your iPhone or iPad

  Touch controls in the PS4 Remote Play App

You can stream games from your PlayStation 4 to Android devices for a long time. Sony has recently released the Remote Play app for iOS. So you can set everything up – and how to use it.

What is PS4 Remote Play?

As the name suggests, you can use PS4 Remote Play games directly from your PlayStation 4 to stream another device remotely. It's been available on Windows, Mac, and Android for some time, but it landed on iOS just last week.

If you would like to run this on another device, you will find our setup instructions for Windows and Mac here or Android here. Otherwise, follow the iOS setup instructions and some functionality considerations, especially when compared to other devices.

Setting up remote playback on your iPhone or iPad

First of all you need to install the PS4 Remote Play app on your iDevice. It is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. You also need to make sure your iDevice and PS4 are on the same Wi-Fi network.

After installing, start your PlayStation 4 and make sure that Remote Play is enabled. Go to the Settings menu ̵

1; the icon looks like a small suitcase.

 PS4 Home Screen

Scroll down to Remote Play Connection Settings and click inside.

 PS4 Settings Menu

The top option here is "Enable Remote Play" – make sure this option is checked.

 PS4 Remote Play Connection Settings

Do not undo this menu yet, as you will need it in the next few steps. First, contact your iDevice and start the PS4 Remote Play app.

Once you start these, a simple screen with a large old start button will appear. Tap it, and then sign in to your Sony account.

 PS4 Remote Play on an iPad   Sony Logon Request

The app will immediately search for your PlayStation.

 PS4 Remote Play looking for a PlayStation

In my experience, this is a hit and a failure – sometimes he will find it immediately; At other times, it takes forever (or does not find it at all). To make it easier, jump back to your PS4 and click the Add Device menu (still under Remote Play Connection Settings). A code is displayed.

 Sony Remote Play Setup on PS4 Pro

Tap the "Register Manual" button again on your iDevice and enter the code displayed on your PS4.

 PS4 Remote Play Setup on the iPad

That's all it takes. It should connect and you can get started. You only have to do this once – then you should be able to launch Remote Play anywhere, even when you are away from home.

Remote Play Options

Once you've set everything up, you can do so Take a moment to make sure you get the best experience possible.

On the Remote Play screen, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner (before connecting the PS4). The main thing you want to focus on is Remote Play Video Quality, which determines how good your game looks – or how badly it works.

 PS4 Remote Play on the iPad

The resolution for Remote Play is set to Standard (540p) by default, which is probably fine on an iPhone screen, but appears pretty pixelated on the iPad , The thing is, it makes for a good stream, and something higher is likely to make the experience even worse.

 PS4 Remote Play Settings on iOS

It is also worth noting that the 1080p option is only an option available for PS4 Pros. The regular PS4 is limited to 720p at the top.

After the resolution, you can also adjust the frame rate here. Getting higher again will look better, but may also cause the performance to slow. In the event that a higher frame rate reaches an Internet speed bottleneck, the resulting game is choppy and delayed, resulting in a lower frame rate. Therefore, it is sometimes a better idea to set the frame rate to default (default) (default).

 PS4 remote play video options on iOS

Otherwise, you can unsubscribe here Sony account or change the PS4, with which you have signed up for Remote Play.

Using Remote Play on an iDevice: Ugh, the controls

With Remote Play on Android, Windows, or Mac, you get a great benefit: You can use the PS4's DualShock 4 with these devices. This is not possible with iOS. This is one of the main reasons why it took Sony so long to release Remote Play on iDevices.

The solution here (at least for Sony) is to offer touch controls for iOS. I'd like to talk a little bit about it now as it's an integral part of the Remote Play experience on iOS.

 PS4 Remote Play Touch Controls on the iPad

Typically touch controls for action games are pretty awful, especially if these games were designed for game controllers. It may come as no surprise, but Remote Play on iOS is no different.

Playing games like God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2 – you know, games with complex control systems – is an extremely terrifying, almost unplayable experience with Remote Play. If you have to click one-by-one (or in total) keyboard shortcuts to make the right move, just do not trim the touch controls.

Even the control of this boat, which is quite simple, is cumbersome in touch controls. [19659042] For one thing, they are not ergonomic. The layout is incredibly awkward, especially for the buttons L1 / LR and R1 / R2. These are located on the DualShock 4, so you can use your index and middle fingers. However, with the touch controls on Remote Play, they just hover over the D-Pad, making them virtually useless with other buttons. That's bad enough for the iPhone. The smaller screen makes things a bit easier, but try Remote Play on the iPad, and it's much worse.

The solution? A third-party controller. Since you can not use the DualShock 4, this is the best answer here. I've tested Remote Play with the SteelSeries Nimbus, and I'd like to tell you: This offers a much better experience . It's not without mistakes, but it works pretty well.

The nimbus is mostly solid. However, since it does not offer the same buttons as a DualShock 4, it sometimes gets weird. For example, use L3 + R3 to enter Spartan Rage in God of War, but that does not work with the halo – or not at all. This is probably because there are no L3 / R3 buttons on the touch controls, so Sony did not just assign this to the user interface. So strange. This is a key part of some games, but with Remote Play this is simply not possible.

  God of War with PS4 Remote Play
YU NO leave me Spartan Fury

Similarly, the nimbus does nothing. You have the Option, Share, or PlayStation buttons, which can be a bit awkward. The center menu button on the Nimbus replicates the behavior of the radio button, but there are no direct substitutions for the Share or PS button. Fortunately, both are integrated with the touch scheme, so you can easily use them there. And since these are not keys used in the actual gameplay, it is not impractical to use them in this way.

If you can overcome the control issues, Remote Play on iOS is pretty radical. Streaming quality depends on your home network (where the PS4 is located) and the network you're currently in, but if both are quite fast, you can get a pretty solid game session in almost any location … assuming what You are currently playing, does not need the keys L3 and / or R3 anyway.

However, if you have the option to use Remote Play on another device, such as Android, Mac, or Windows, this is better. The choice is simple because it provides native support for the DualShock 4. The experience is just better.

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